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Do you know the IPL hair removal handset available in India? And it is your answer if you have been looking for a more reliable and permanent solution if you wanted to remove your unwanted hair sitting at the comfort of your home. IPL hair removal machine is the result of new technology which makes tedious and painful  process of hair removal easy

Intense Pulse Light technology, also abbreviated as IPL, is used in these latest hair removal devices. When technology can save time and money, why use conventional methods! They say, if you move with time, you tend to catch up with it sooner. That is what these devices have been trying to do. Loved by millions of women already and is gearing up each day as more and more awareness spreads.

How does IPL Hair removal device work?

IPL hair removal handset work on a dark pigment present in hair called Melanin. When these rays from the Intense pulse Light machines fall on the hair follicle, the Melanin absorbs them and makes the hair get into the resting phase. The hair then comes out from the root within 1 to 2 weeks after the treatment and leaves the skin soft and supple. Isn’t that a dream come true for all? No pain and hair removal in minutes!

How to use IPL hair removal machines?

There are simple steps that you need to follow to ensure that you carry out the IPL hair removal at home in the right way.

Shave the area

Clean the area a day before the treatment. Shaving a day before makes sure that the pores that open when the hair removal treatment starts.

Select the intensity 

The next step involves selecting the right type of intensity . This selection depends on the skin tone of the area you are looking to treat with IPL.

Go through the user manual

Each machine is different, so it’s essential to go through the user manual of the IPL machine that you own, which will have a detailed chart of the intensity for specific skin or hair colour tone.

Tip: Try to use the highest intensity of light on a small patch of skin and go with the one that feels comfortable for your skin type. You can reduce it gradually and see which one suits your skin tone the best.

Wait for the flashlight

Turn “ON” the machine and wait till you get the flash of the light. Flash the pulsed light on the area you wish to treat. Repeat the same procedure for the next room.

It takes 8-10 minutes, depending upon the machine that you use. It’s a sigh of relief for all who have been screaming with pain in the salons. Those times did not have many options, but everything is looking good with IPL hair removal machines as it is more straightforward.

Efficiency and results after using IPL hair removal machines

None of us would believe unless we see the results, and that is fair enough. According to the studies and reviews from the users, Data reveals that IPL hair removal treatment reduces almost 92% of the growth in 4-5 treatments.

Companies have been claiming that the hair that which regrows is finer, and you tend to get freedom from unwanted hair for the next 7 to 8 weeks.

Though the results and efficiency of the treatment will vary from individuals to individual depending upon their skin or hair colour tone, these are the standard facts and figures for using IPL hair removal machine at home.

The critical thing to know about this IPL hair removal device is not practical in very dark skin complexion or light colour hair on the body. It works on dark hair and fair skin

How to pick and which IPL hair removal handset is best in india?

Let me make things simple for you. Here are a few useful tips to  consider if you are looking to purchase an IPL machine for permanent hair removal:

  • The number of flashes

  • Each IPL machine comes with several flashes limit it provides. It can let you decide as to how long the product will last.

  • Approximate time for a full-body treatmentFast-acting things have always been our priority, so why not these. Checking on the time a machine takes to treat the complete body for removal of unwanted hair is another criteria you can check before purchasing.

  • Power and voltage:

    Power and energy a machine consumes decide it’s efficiency. So taking a look at these is also a good idea.

There are many IPL hair removal handsets available in the Indian market. We have arranged them for you according to the price range:

IPL Hair removal handset under INR 10,000 in India 

Tranquil IPL Hair Removal Machine

Less price, high performance. Yes, it is Tranquil IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine. Often less cost is associated with a deteriorated quality, but products like these have strengthened buyers’ trust that low prices can mean high quality too.

ipl hair removal device


  • The hair removal machine comes with manual and automatic mode strings.
  • It is suitable for entire body treatment, including armpits, bikini area, and body.
  • It’s proven to be safe and effective for people with a majority of skin types.
  • The product has a 1-year warranty and the company assures good after-sales service
  • The machines come with 8 energy level settings which makes it a must-buy compared to products in this IPL hair removal machine price range in India. You can adjust them according to your skin and hair colour tone. The painless and comfortable treatment is what it provides and ensures significant results too.

Pros & Cons:

The company has pretty decent after-sales support for the product, which ensures reliability and strengthens the buyer’s trust in its quality.The product seems to be delicate in usage
The two flash modes make it easy to use 6,00000 flashes make it a very long-lasting product.Might irritate the skin tissues if you do not use the correct mode of energy.
The product comes with 1 year warranty

IPL Hair removal machines under INR 15,000 in India

Abhsant IPL Hair Removal Device

Ipl hair removal machine

Abhsant safe use hair removal machine is an absolute delight in terms of its features and the price. Some of its features make it stand away from the crowd.


  • It works on a broader light area, making it a fast process for the user to treat the entire body within minutes.
  • The developers have blessed the device with an intelligent cooling system, making it an efficient IPL hair removal at home.
  • Safety is something that most of us look for while using IPL hair removal at home. And there arises a question always that is IPL hair removal safe? Abhsant safe use hair removal machines make sure that the emitted lights fall on the skin only when it senses the treatment area and monitors skin and tone before hitting the light on them. Isn’t that super intelligent!
  • Its compact design makes it easy to reach even the difficult to access areas like bikini areas or the areas with curves like those of the armpits.
  • The body is of plastic, and white& gold colour gives it quite a decent look.
  • The product comes with 3 – in -1 functional more, which includes hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and also for acne treatment.
  • There are two types of modes present in the machine: automatic and manual.
  • With its LCD, you get a clear picture of the energy level shown during the treatment and the number of flashes left.

Pros & Cons:

The regular use of the product does not provide any side effects; instead, it tends to make your skin smooth and soft after proper application.You can only use the product for the period until these flashes last.
The package contains a pair of goggles for eye protection.
The emitted light has cool to touch pulses; hence no chances of skin burns.
Quality terms are assured as it has approval from the FDA.

Tranquil Fast IPL Laser Removal Device

Tranquil hair removal handset

In a survey, 100 women were asked about one change they would like in their physical appearance.  Seventy of them wanted permanent removal of unwanted hair. Did nature change its rule? Probably not! The advanced technology makes it possible to get rid of unwanted hair forever. Tranquil introduced another range of budget-friendly, easy to use hair removal machine that has proven to be as effective as the salon treatment with much more comfort and much less price.

Features :

  • 2 in 1 function mode acting on hair removal; You can operate the tool on automatic settings or the preset settings available.
  • Five adjustable energy levels depending upon the type of skin tone make it a perfect device for people with different skin tones.
  • The compact design lets you carry the tool even while traveling.
  • The features that make it emit light only when it senses the skin make it the safest tool for home use.
  • Not to forget it’s a very reasonable price, it makes it a machine useable for almost a lifetime with 999,999 flashes that has been loved by thousands already.
  • Tranquil Hair Removal Device works on your body in double speed compared to competitor machines. The technology is similar to what dermatologists use, which makes it safe to use in the home.

 Would you not ignore the few unreasonable features of the product when it gives you numerous other reasons to love it? Let’s look at the pros and cons of the machine

Pros & Cons:

Not only does it remove the unwanted hair, but it also makes sure that the hair regrowth reduces.Not suitable for dark brown or black skin and very blonde, grey or white hair.
You do not require professional training to use IPL hair removal at home. It reaches curvy and challenging areas of the body as wellNo cartridge replacement is available. Once the flashes get over. However, this is similar in almost all devices
999,999 flashes which make it a lifelong product

IPL Hair removal machines under INR 20,000 in India

Smoothskin bare + ultrafast ipl hair removal laser

Why do we prefer bullet trains over the normal ones? Because they help us reach our destination much earlier. This does not mean that the regular trains are less effective, but the bullet trains have coped with the latest technology and made it possible to save time. The same is the case with this hair removal machine. Can you believe this takes only 10 minutes to remove unwanted hair from the entire body? Let’s have a look at machines details


  • It emits 100 flashes per minute, making it one of the best IPL hair removal handset in India within budget. Ultra-fast and super reliable is what you can refer to the device.
  • Its super sleek and handy design gives it a look that makes the head turn.
  • The machine is suitable for trying to reach areas like chin, jawline, armpits, and bikini.
  • Absolutely safe for facial hair removal.
  • It comes with a Two-year manufacturer warranty.
  • For those who love perfection, the machine has it all. The auto-sensing mode helps the user select the intensity level automatically depending upon the skin and hair tone.
  • The machine has two modes of operation: Stamp and glide mode, used for flat and curvy areas of the body.

To err is human, so why not the machines developed by them? Let’s have a look at a few pointers, including the positive and negative aspects of the product.

Pros & Cons:

Its ultrafast mode makes it possible to treat the entire body within just 10 minutes.The machine doesn’t work too well on dark skin and lighter coloured hair tones.
The smart sensing mode senses the type of area to be treated for hair removal and automatically sets the intensity of light waves.
Two different modes are depending on the type of treatment area; curvy or flat.
The unlimited flashes make it possible for the buyer to use it for a lifetime.

IPL Hair removal machines under INR 30,000 in india

Remington IPL 3500 compact Laser IPL

Did you know that while you were spending hours of your precious time in the salon trying to get rid of your body hair, there are millions who got rid of those at the convenience of their home and walking baby steps towards permanent hair removal?


  • A product that is FDA cleared assuring it to be safe to use on the face and body.
  • The machine tested to work successfully on skin tones from 1 to 5.
  • The advanced technology and it’s compact design helps it deliver the flashes three times faster and makes it easy and quick to treat the whole body within minutes.
  • The skin tone tester detects the type of skin and makes sure that it is safe for all skin types.
  • Its compact and sleek design makes it convenient to carry even while traveling and helps remove unwanted hair even from hard to reach parts. IPL hair removal reviews for this tool have been pretty decent too.
  • The machines use HPL technology, also called home pulsed light. It uses low energy light waves.
  • The machine comes with a total of 350,000 flashes. The company claims that you can use this product for up to 15 years with these numbers of seconds.

It has always proved to yield better results if we look at the darker aspect of a thing too. So, along with its pros, let’s look at some of its cons.

Pros & Cons:

Compact and sleek design made for easy travel Like any other IPL hair removal device, dark skin toned people cannot use the product.
Hpl technology makes sure that there are no skin burns during the treatment.No replacement cartridges are available once the limit of 350,000 flashes gets over.
Suitable for sensitive skin as it uses low energy waves

IPL Hair removal machines under INR 40,000 in India

ISilk IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

When you come across something that has been recommended by an expert, it makes you buy it without a second thought. The IPL hair removal machine we are going to talk about is something very similar. The clinical trials and the results it has shown have surely let it capture the market. It is loaded with many unique features. Let us go through them in brief:


  • The hair removal process is painless, and the latest IPL technology used in the device works wonders on the skin. It leaves you with supple and soft skin.
  • It reduces hair growth to up to 90 % in just 90 days. Isn’t that what we call as a combination of speed and quality?
  • The fact that it works on the IPL technology does not make it a device with any side effects. Even though it works on the deeper layers of skin, it still does not damage the sebaceous glands.
  • IPL hair removal at home is now easier than ever. It removes unwanted hair from almost all the parts of the body, which includes: bikini line, face, neck, upper lips, neck, chest, back fingertips, armpits, underarms, arms, legs, abdomen, and back.
  • The device comes with five energy levels, which can either be adjusted automatically or manually.
  • Suitable for all types of Indian skin tones.
  • It is equipped with big flashlights which aid in the speedy process of hair removal.
  • Equipped with 600000 flashes and does not require any cartridges to give you long lasting result

Pros & Cons:

Both males and females can use the device.Like all other IPL hair removal devices, it does not give you immediate results. You will have to wait for at least 8-10 sittings before you can notice the smooth skin.
It is useful for hair removal from each part of the body.
Does not need any cartridges.
It works on almost all types of skin tones and hair colour

Remington IPL 6250 compact Laser hair removal machine

Once someone asked a wise man what he prefers, beauty, or brains? He replied that looks are the reflection of what’s inside you. That stands true for a machine that looks stunning and performs better than the most. Remington IPL 6250 compact


  • The product has a quartz bulb that emits 1,50,000 flashes in its lifetime.
  • It’s five energy settings to make sure that each skin tone gets the required energy light and ensures the skin’s safety.
  • Effortless and pain-free procedure at the convenience of home is what this product promises and delivers too.
  • It uses propulse IPL technology, which targets the hair’s root, leaving the skin soft and smooth.
  • It is suitable for all genders
  • The machine ensures permanent results in three treatments.
  • It comes with Multimode and single modes.
  • This machine comes with a recommendation from Dermatologists.

How about making sure that we are not missing anything, not even the portions that are not so heartwarming! Let’s go through the pros and cons of the machine:

Pros & Cons:

Pros Cons
Its UV filter ensures safety. You can use IPL hair removal at home without any fear.Lesser shots limits compared to other products
The manufacturer’s warranty makes it more reliable. It comes with a 5-year warranty.
The product is suitable for both make and female
It works in almost all skin types

IPL Hair removal handset under INR 80,000 in India

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI954 IPL for Body, Face, and Bikini Line

ipl hair removal machine

Quality has always been on the priority list who respects perfection. With international brands like Philips, expecting a top-notch quality is evident. Lumea Prestige BRI954 IPL Hair Removal machine is an example of perfection, beauty, and simplicity. Would you ask for anything else in an IPL hair removal handset?

Philips ipl machine


  • It comes with three attachments: body, face, and precision areas.
  • The device comes with a smart skin sensor, which automatically adjusts the intensity of the light waves required for a particular skin. So, we have another feather added to the cap.
  • With its safe use, you can rest assured about any damage to the skin or the deeper tissues. It is painless, and there are no chances of skin burns either. IPL hair removal treatment at home is almost a child’s play with this super user-friendly device.
  • It has proven to show the quickest results as compared to other IPL hair removal machines. The results show that it resists the hair to grow back for almost six months with just 3-4 sessions.
  • The handset can function as a cordless or a corded device, making it easy to be used anywhere, anytime.
  • It comes with 250,000 flashes, which make it useful for around 15 long years.
  • Very suitable to work on an extensive range of skin tones and hair colours.
  • Let us ensure that we know each detail before we go ahead and buy this excellent product:

Pros & Cons:

It is a quick result orientedLike the most device, it is not suitable for white / grey, light blonde or red hair, and very dark skin.
The device can be used on all the parts of the body for removing unwanted hair.
It can work even on the curvy areas which are otherwise hard to reach.

Frequently asked questions about IPL hair removal handset in India

Can I get cartridges refilled once they are over for the machines that have a limited number of flashes?

No, the refill cartridges are not available. The machines are of no use after the flash limit finishes

How will I know how many flashes are left?

The LCD on the machines lets you monitor the flashes used.

Can I use IPL hair removal handset on my face?

Read the manual instruction guide before using the machine. Women on the face can use most of the devices, but only a few can not be. So, check before the application.

How long can I expect 300000 flashes to last?

300000 flashes last for almost 15 years if used on full body.

Can I use an IPL hair removal machine for removing my eyebrow?

No, you should not come as IPL hair Technology as it gives out laser flashes which are not safe for your eyes however If you wish to remove your eyebrows hair you can consider an eyebrow trimmer instead.

What does “Shot service life cartridge in hair removal machine means ?

Shots are nothing but flashes in machines. The machine manual will have the information of the flashes or shots the cartridge of the machine has. They differ from one machine to another

Which is the best website to buy laser IPL hair removal?

I would strongly suggest Amazon and not a single site.  Amazon will have reviews from every product. You can ask question if you doubt from the seller. You can also choose from the variety and according to your budget.

Conclusion: This was an initiative from our side to make our readers aware of IPL hair removal treatment at home hence we have tried to cover everything, including the basic introduction about the technology, various machines available in India that can be purchased online, their advantages, disadvantages, and the side effect. Different products have been correlated depending upon their features, making it easier for you to select them according to your requirements. All the information we provided is accurate and according to the company standards. We hope that you will like the article. Kindly spare a minute to like our item and share it among others to spread a word about this technology and related topic.

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