If you are researching ” How to make Onion Hair oil,”? I know for sure that you are struggling with some or other hair issues. You tired of hair damage and expensive hair regimes are pricking your pocket but no positive result?  So here comes the superhero ingredient for your hair’s rescue – Onion. I may sound weird to you, but onion hair oil has shown promising results for hair care.

Before you even consider “How to make onion hair oil,” it’s important to know why have we picked up this common vegetable.

Why Onion?

One of the hair components is keratin and sulfur, which is also present in Onion in large quantities, which nourishes our hair and leads to hair growth. The nutrients present in the onion oil nourish the hair follicles, give extra strength to your hair, and increase volume. Onion oil also conditions your hair and provides a natural shine. Dietary sulfur is necessary for the production of proteins and enzymes in our body. Onion also contains this vital mineral. Onion contains antioxidants, which protect the body from free radicals. Free radicals promote the aging process.

Not just hair fall, onion oil is the one spot solution for your frizzy hair, thin hair, dry, dull hair, and many more. This article is the solution for all your hair related issues and will guide you to make onion hair oil.

The benefits of onion oil for hair growth and other scalp related issues are countless. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Benefits Of Onion Oil For Hair 

Before diving into the process of How to make onion hair oil at home, you must know the advantages of using onion for hair.So let us discuss some of these:

Onion Oil stops greying of hair.

Everyone knows very well that no product guarantees the concept of reversing the process of graying hair. But it is observed that many home remedies witnessed that onion extract helps reduce grey hair. The point here is Onion is rich in antioxidant compounds, and it reduces hydrogen peroxide at the roots of the hair. Therefore it prevents the greying effect.

Onion Oil revitalizes dry and brittle hair.           

You can effortlessly enhance the quality of your hair. Onions have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and vasodilatory properties. Onion oil good for hair promotes the blood circulation in our scalp, making it healthy. 

Onion Oil calms your itchy scalp.

Best onion oil for hair growth is a concoction with some other ingredients such as honey, coconut oil, etc. Onion’s anti-inflammatory properties soothe your scalp and avoid the entry of liches and other germs.

Onion Oil is best for treating alopecia.

Alopecia is a hair issue in which hair loss happens in patches.

The study has shown that many people have witnessed onion oil’s effectiveness for hair regrowth and onion juice in treating alopecia. Using onion oil two times a day shows positive results. According to a study by researchers, onion juice can be the right alopecia treatment.

Onion oil can put an end to dandruff.

Onion hair growth oil has antimicrobial and antifungal characteristics. 3 out of 5 people have dandruff issues, and it increases manifold in winters. Fungus, named Malassezia furfur, causes dandruff. Onion juice comes in handy as a dandruff warrior.  

You can quickly treat your regular fighter, but you must consult a doctor in case of moderate to severe dandruff.

Onion hair oil for hair growth 

Hair is the natural crown for everyone. Women especially feel pride when their mane is flawless. Usually, you must have heard people saying that good hair means a good day and vice versa. Due to some factors, your hair is not growing at a good pace, but onion juice promotes your hair growth and makes it flawless.

How to extract onion juice at home

The first step is to know the proper method of extracting onion juice at home. 

  • Peel the fresh Onion and chop them into tiny pieces. 
  • Blend all of them. Add a little tsp of water for hassle-free blending. 
  • You can use this blended paste or stain this paste with a strainer’s help and extract the juice. 

Now let us discuss different mixtures you can make using the onion juice.  

How to make onion hair oil at home with different ingredients

There is a lot of buzz around about onion usage for hair growth and hair fall issues. But a commonly asked question is, what is the accurate method of preparing onion oil? What are the different ingredients that can work wonders with onion juice and its measurement? Whether it will suit everyone or not? There are various questions related to this magical oil. So in this article, we will try to answer a few questions.

Here are few home remedies which will turn your hair, like Rapunzel hair.

Disclaimer: The following home remedies are not helpful in severe baldness, but you can cure typical hair fall and hair thinning issues. 

Onion juice and lemon juice 

how to make onion hair oil using lemon and onion juice
  1. Take a medium-sized onion and extract its pulp with the help of a juice extractor. 
  2. Now stain this pulp with the help of a stainer.
  3. Mix 3 tsp. Of onion juice with 2tsp. Lemon juice.
  4. Apply this mixture to your scalp and on your hair length evenly. You can also use cotton for easy application. 
  5. Leave for about 20-30 minutes.
  6. Rinse and use a mild shampoo. 


The benefits of lemon juice in this combination helps to reduces dandruff, strengthens the hair follicle and encourages new hair growth. Apply for only 20-30 minutes only. You can use this mixture twice a week for better results.

Precautions :

Applying this mixture for more extended hours can lead to an itchy scalp.

Onion juice and coconut oil

This magical mixture of coconut oil and onion juice for hair works wonders. Many people have observed a drastic change in their hair quality after its usage. The procedure is:

  • Focus on measurements for making 800 grams of oil. You will require 100g of fresh onion paste.
  • Extract onion juice by using a juice extractor. 
  1. Now, take a pan and pour coconut oil into it.  
  2. Add onion juice, which you have from the paste into it.
  3. Please turn on the stove and place the pan over it.
  4. Let it boil properly. Reduce the heat after first boiling, and keep in mind to stir it gently.
  5. Remove the pan and let it cool completely. 
  6. Take a clean and airtight container for storing it.



For Oily scalp over usage of coconut oil may lead to blockage of pores in the scalp. So please use it moderately

Onion juice and fenugreek seeds

how to make onion hair oil using fenugreek and onion juice

One stop solution for fighting dandruff is the onion and fenugreek seeds combination. Let us discuss its recipe.

  1. Soak 2 tbsp. Of fenugreek seeds overnight in normal water. 
  2. The next day grind these soaked seeds, 2tbsp. Onion juice and 2tsp. Water together. 
  3. You will get a smooth paste. Remember not to make a watery paste. You can keep it thicker.
  4. Now you can apply it on your scalp and hair length directly. 
  5. Apply it for 30 minutes and then rinse it off with mild shampoo.


High protein and essential acid content in fenugreek seeds can help avoid dryness of hair and hair thinning issues.


Don’t apply the paste for more extended hours; otherwise, fenugreek can stick on your hair, and it won’t be easy to take it out of your hair.

Onion juice, coconut oil, and curry leaves

Usually, curry leaves are used to flavor your recipes, but now you can also use it for hair nourishment.  Curry leaves are the super ingredient of this oil.

So here is the procedure for this mixture:

  1. Take a pan and heat 250 ml of coconut oil in it.
  2. After a boil, add finely cut Onion into the oil.
  3. After 5 minutes, add 10-15 leaves of curry into it.
  4. Please give it a nice boil.
  5. Let it cool properly and filter the oil with the help of a stainer.  


The compounds present in curry leaves like beta-carotene, protein, iron, vitamin C, and folic acid help fight hair loss, hair graying, and hair thinning specifically.


Now you must be thinking about how much time we exactly need to boil it. Remember this; You should never heat the oil above its smoking point. Different oils have different smoking points. You can identify it when your oil starts burning or starts producing a burnt smell. If this happens then, the oil is not suitable for your usage.

Castor oil and onion juice 

Castor oil and onion is the best combination for making onion hair oil to tackle hair issues and and hair fall. The castor oil is thick and helps in hair thicken, and also maintains hair health.

Let us discuss the correct usage of both of these ingredients.

  1. Take a mixing bowl, mix the equal proportion of castor oil and onion juice.
  2. Give both of them a gentle stir. 
  3. Apply it on your scalp with the help of cotton, and don’t forget your hair ends. 
  4. After application, massage your scalp for a good 10 minutes in a circular motion.
  5. Leave this mixture for about an hour.
  6. Wash it off with mild shampoo.


You can use it on alternative days for the best results.


Castor oil is thick in nature and consistency and it has a tendency to stick. Use is in moderation or you may have a difficult time washing it out.

Egg And Onion Juice

This might smell gross, but it will work like a miracle for your hair? The nutritional value of eggs will provide all the nutrition that your scalp is craving.

  1. Break an egg carefully and separate the egg white from the yolk. 
  2. After separation, take a mixing bowl and combine the egg white and extracted onion juice. 
  3. Wisk the both of them together until they make a smooth paste. 
  4. Apply it on your scalp and all over your hair length.
  5.  Keep it for 45 minutes.
  6. Wash it off with cold water and rinse with a mild shampoo to get rid of the smell.


You can use 1-2 times a week for better results.


Egg and Onion together give an intense smell you can avoid by adding any essential oil with the paste.

After discussing some recipes on “How to make onion hair oil at home”. Let’s discuss some common question people have regarding the usage of onion for hair

Faqs about “Usage of onion hair oil at home?

How could the smell of Onion from hair be removed?

To get rid of the pungent smell of Onion, you can add lemon juice in your shampoo or add vinegar (ACV) and rinse your hair properly.

What are the potential side effects of using onion juice?

People having sensitive skin can experience redness and itching.
Please do a patch test before applying.

Can the Onion mentioned above oils for hair benefits be used overnight?

You can apply the mixture overnight, and remember to lay a towel underneath your head to avoid unnecessary stains. 

Key Takeaway

This whole article concludes that you can use onion hair oil without hesitation, and I hope it has answered your query of ” How to make onion hair oil at home. If you are not a DIY person in the long run and making these remedies is a hassle, you should try Onion hair oil in the market. You don’t need to be that hardworking when things are readily available to cater to hair-related problems.

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