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Eyebrow trimmer vs. threading? Often you arrive at this confusion and don’t get a reliable answer. Now you are at the correct destination. We will help you with all the details you need and clear your doubts. This article will talk about the two, Eyebrow trimmer and Threading with comparison, pros, cons, and rank the best one so that you can take an easy decision for yourself.

Differences between an Eyebrow Trimmer vs. Threading?

When we consider trimmer and threading, we often doubt because both help removes unwanted facial hairs and enhance our beauty. What are those peculiarities that differentiate both of them? We can go for many things that can surely help you find the distinct features between threading and trimmer. First, we want to know about working techniques and essential elements of threading vs. trimmer.

What is threading?

Threading is one method of hair removal that originated in central Asia and India. This works by quickly rolling each hair between two twisters long thread and pluck each hair out in a faster way. It is popular among people in India for shaping eyebrows mostly.

What is a trimmer?

Trimmer is a device that trims the hair above the skin. Trimmer has two blades in it, one sliding over the other. When the edge area of the blades becomes contact with hair, hair is cut. You can see different types of trimmers available for different body parts. But here, in this article, we will be only focussing on eyebrow trimmers. Trimmer is battery-operated. In modern India, the woman is fastly adapting to eyebrow trimmers.

Eyebrow Trimmer vs Threading based on

Growth Gap

The growth gap for trimmer is pretty quick for eyebrows. A trimmer cannot penetrate the skin; instead, and cuts the hair from the surface. It can last up to 2 weeks. 

Whereas threading works on a process of plucking, that is pulling out the eyebrows from their roots. Hence the hair molecules take more time to regrow; it offers you long durability of shaped eyebrows. It lasts for 3-4 weeks. So its a choice between pain or convenience among Eyebrow Trimmer vs Threading


We all need shaped eyebrows but no pain. If you don’t want pain, you can choose to trim instead of threading. Trimmer does not have pain because the process includes cutting the eyebrows from the surface of the skin. So the chance of pain while trimming is negligible. Trimmer wins the race here because threading causes pain as it plucks the eyebrows from their roots. Nevertheless, pain tolerating ability varies from one person to another, and it becomes reduced as you continue with the hair removal method.

Time-consuming by Eyebrow Trimmer vs. Threading

If you are planning to shape your eyebrows, you can’t make the last-minute rush with threading. Taking an appointment or waiting in the parlor is inevitable. While the time taken for threading is not much. Still, if you calculate the waiting time for salons, the process becomes a tiresome task for ladies. How fast threading can do in your eyebrows also depends on your pain tolerating capability. 

Buying a trimmer and removing your eyebrows at home saves much more time. Trimmer can quickly run through your skin surface. But for attractive shape and smoothness, one might even need to use it many times over eyebrows. Still, it will be faster than threading. Hence in this regard, the eyebrow trimmer is a clear winner. 

Hair type

If the eyebrow hair is long, it is preferred to opt for trimming. Threading long strands is a bit painful, so you may want to cut before even if you choose to thread though it is good for tiny hair; threading grabs even your smallest piece of hair and gives precise shape as each hair to be plucked given individual attention. 

Trimmer comes with different comb attachments to give shapes and trim hair of varying lengths. You will have no trimmer issues for longer eyebrow hair trimming, but it will trim down the hair up to 0.5 mm. A very minute negligible tiny piece of hair is difficult for the trimmer to remove

Cost of Eyebrow Trimming vs. Threading

The cost associated with threading is lower than buying a trimmer. But if you buy a trimmer once, you can do eyebrow shaping in your home several times without any cost. Threading cost is recurring, whereas Trimmer is a one-time investment

Skin reaction

You may experience swelling or reddishness for a few hours after threading with almost all skin types that may stay for few hours or stay for a day. So if you are planning shopping or outing, do shape your eyebrows with threading before a day. Trimmer doesn’t have close contact with skin, so it will not cause any severe disturbances or side effects other than a slight itching which happens to only a few. Clearly, in the race of Eyebrow Trimmer vs. Threading, Trimmer is the winner in this scenario.

Hair regrowth

Threading plucks hair at the root. It grows back with smooth edges and pointed tips, whereas, with a trimmer, it may appear dark and feel blunt. When we remove the eyebrow with threading, the individual hair grows at different timings. Hence the next threading session may require weeks, but with a trimmer, all hair is growing at the same timing so the next trimming session might be sooner than threading 

Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs are hairs that curl back into the skin instead of growing outside the skin surface. All hair removing methods can have the problem of ingrown hairs. The most common reason for ingrown hair is improper hair removal techniques, especially if you remove hair from very close to the skin. 

If you are threading, it pulls your hair from the root and damages your hair follicle, and increases the chance of ingrown hair. Trimmers avoid the problem of ingrown hairs to a great extent.  

Which Is Travel Friendly

The main thing to consider in eyebrow removal during traveling is the size of the eyebrow removing device that is suitable to carry in a handbag or not? Trimmer can be easily carried in your handbag. While thread for Threading can be easily carried as well but it is much more time-consuming if you try to do it yourself and requires immense practice and patience.

For Beginners

Beginners dread Threading. Many experienced users are also switching to painless methods to avoid pain, skin allergies, including itching, rashes, swelling, etc. So if you are a novice, you may want to do eyebrow trimming and observe how your skin reacts to it? If you get no adverse reaction, you can upgrade for threading.

Skill Set Required

Using a trimmer won’t require any particular skill set, and you can quickly know it by reading manual instruction. And you can do hair removal on your own with a trimmer. But threading needs a skill set to do it correctly and cleanly, also with care and attention. You want to learn this skill set, especially if you’re going to do it at home. Skill for threading needs the right concentration level and flexibility of hands. You also want to learn to twist the threads in a particular manner to do threading. 

Health And Hygiene – Eyebrow Trimmer vs. Threading

I am sure no one pays heed to eyebrow cleanliness while removing hair and neatness during threading. Threading is not a hygienic method, and according to a study, it may result in various infections, which is not very known to the masses.
Trimming doesn’t have any severe side effects, It is your personal device and if you clean it after every use the chances of infection are very low and limited like a little itching for a few ones, so it’s suitable for all skin types.

Conclusion – Eyebrow Trimmer vs. Threading

Threading is an efficient and popular eyebrow removal method, which gives you smooth and shaped eyebrows because it removes hair from the and provides you with long-lasting results. However, threading may cause some side effects. On the contrary, using a trimmer for eyebrow removal minimizes your side effects, but it doesn’t provide you lasting results, so you want to use it frequently for results. It is tough to judge the best from Eyebrow trimmer vs. threading. Both have many advantages and disadvantages. Selection depends on each individual’s personal needs so you can go with the one that suits your requirements and pain tolerance.

      We have tried to cover almost all points in this article. So make a decision suitable for your requirements here.

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