Epilator Vs. Waxing: What should be your choice?

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Are you one of those who are finding the answer of epilator vs. waxing, which is better? Let me end your search here by answering everything you have in mind. This article will help you in finding the solution to this age-old debate. We will be giving a detailed analysis and comparison of both the method of hair removal, which will make your decision of opting easy.

Epilator vs. waxing meaning

Whenever you think of removing hair from the roots, most commonly, you have to choose between waxing or epilator. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Before discussing them in detail, let us understand the meaning and technique of epilator vs. waxing

Epilator Meaning:

Epilator is an electronic device that helps remove the hair directly from the roots. The device is comes with a rotating wheel with various tiny tweezers attached to it. The number of tweezers varies and can range from 20 to 100 . In other words, it is the accumulation of the regular tweezers that removes hair at the follicle level and extracts them out.

Waxing Meaning:

Waxing is also one of the methods of removing hair from roots. In this method of removing hair, you apply soft and hard wax on any body part Then you lay a strip top and pull off against the direction of hair growth. If you are using good quality waxing, then it will stick to your hair and pluck out all the hair at once. 

Both of these methods are popular for hair removal. However, deciding which is best depends upon the individual. More detailed information about epilator vs. waxing and which is better is in the below pointers

Epilator vs. waxing: 15 comparison pointers 

There are numerous points on which you can compare both methods. 


The most important factor is convenience while removing hair. 

Waxing is messy no matter you use cold wax , hot wax or wax stripes. If you are using hot wax you have to be careful if the wax is neither to hot or too cold For waxing you need more devices such as waxing strips, wax heater or microwave, applicator, towel and moisturizer. Assembling all these are a bit inconvenient. If you are in a hurry you need to think twice before waxing. And you also need a specific corner with a switch for plugging the wax heater. 

For epilation you need a device epilator, towel and moisturizer. You can easily assemble all of them and can epilate your hair at your comfortable corner. So, epilation is much more convenient than waxing.

Price of waxing vs. epilator:

Everyone wants long-lasting results with a little spending. Both of the methods of waxing and epilation are going to cost you some amount. But waxing cost depends mostly upon whether you are doing it at home or at the salon. On average one visit to salon for full body wax will cost you Rs 1000

The starting price range of an epilator costs around Rs.2300 which is peanuts when you compare it to waxing as they last for a good number of years.

Epilator vs Waxing pain:

If you want to ascertain epilator pain vs waxing pain, keep in mind both methods are painful. Factors that affect the pain level is your tolerance power and how often you have used that method. Those who used these methods more frequently are likely to experience less pain.

Many users feel that epilation is more painful than waxing in you are a newbie. So if you are switching from waxing to epilating it should be not that painful. But if you are a novice in hair removal I would not suggest you opt for epilation first. Epilation is not for beginners and you should take a detour by opting for waxing and then upgrading to epilation. But if you are a brave heart try epilation, many users have done that as well.

Application area:

Full body waxing is quite famous in salons and parlors and that says a lot. Waxing can be done in almost every part of the body but it would be difficult for you to do it yourself. A professional is required to help you get rid of hair on the sensitive and hard reached area. The same wax can be used on most of your body parts.

On the other hand, different epilator should be used for different application areas. Facial epilators are different than body epilator. Epilators are tricky to use in a sensitive area. Also, it will be time-consuming. Epilators works well in large areas

Hair Length:

While waxing. Your hair needs to be ¼ inches, at least, to get that beautiful smooth result. Otherwise, the hair will not be picked up by the wax, or you have to redo the area several times. On the other hand, Epilator can really pick the smallest of hair, like 0.5mm or ⅛ inches.

Time Consumption:

Waxing is a time-consuming process due to preparation time and post waxing cleaning time. Self waxing is a hassle procedure and can take more than 90 minutes for arms and legs only, whereas if you can go for a professional wax, which will take less time, and you can expect a perfect finish. 

Epilation for a beginner will take time to adjust but as a pro, it might take less than an hour, It would be best if you used the right quality equipment and high technology epilator while removing hair that can further reduce the time. Overall in terms of time consumption between, an epilator vs. waxing, Epilator is a winner

Epilator vs. waxing: Ingrown hair 

Like all other hair removal methods, ingrown hair is a concern while epilating and waxing. Ingrown hair could cause redness and tenderness. Therefore prepare your skin in both methods. Also, in the case of epilation, ingrown hair can be a concern if the hair is not epilated well.

Hair type:

Coarse and fine hair can be easily picked up by an good quality epilator with right technique. In waxing you have to have hard wax to deal with coarse hair or soft wax will require you to rerun the area several times.

Skin type:

If you have a high sensitive skin type I would suggest opt for a trimmer. But if you still want to choose between these two methods some adverse reaction like bump or redness which eventually settles down within 12-14 hours can happen.

Most of the epilators come with a hypoallergenic ceramic disk which helps protect sensitive skin. Using an epilator on the sensitive skin doesn’t mean you can use an epilator anywhere. You should use specifically designed epilators for specific areas like eyebrow epilator.  Also the better you prepare your skin for epilation and provide post treatment care the less chances on side effects.

While waxing you need to search for the wax which won’t impact your skin. You need expert advice on this matter. The salon can do some tests like patch tests to make sure there are no side effects. You can also apply cool cream after waxing it will soothe your burning sensation. 

Epilator vs waxing: Equipment required 

First of all, you just need an epilator for epilating. There are various tiny accessories that may come along with the device

For waxing, you require a wax heater or a microwave for heating the wax. An applicator to apply, cloth pieces or strips to pull off the wax. Waxing does get messy so It would help if you covered the ground while waxing. In terms of comparison Epilator is a clear winner

Travel friendly: 

Want Hair free skin anytime when you travel? Then epilators in one solution for you. As mentioned Epilators are compact and are easily carryable in your handbag. It has some extra accessories that can also be easily carried but still, it’s compact to carry.

For waxing, you require strips, wax heater, cover, towel, and many more. Hence while traveling, waxing is not at all a good idea. Here epilators win this point. 

Hair regrowth:

While both methods give you finer and more sparse hair growth over a period of time. The science behind this is that both methods pick the hair from the roots which makes it weaker over time also the growth cycle of hair is different from one other leaving a patchy look and random hair growth.

Preparation required:

There are few points which you should remember before epilating or waxing your hair growth.

Before epilating make sure that you exfoliate the desired area very well for avoiding ingrown hair. You need to trim down hair if it is above 1 cm for epilation otherwise it can be painful and have chances not to pick the hair from the root. For Waxing, no such major preparation is required

Skills Required:

Epilators do not require any professional training, and you can easily become a pro just by applying some technique on its own. Waxing correctly is an art, and people in salons do get trained for this purpose. It is not that you cant get apply wax on your own but doing trial and error is a risk to your skin

Growth Gap:

Both the methods will make you hair free for 3-4 weeks . But do they let you be hair free all the time? Lets find out

The results of the Epilation can last for 3-4 weeks. The good thing is you will notice a random hair growth post 3-4 weeks which can be easily epilated immediately again as epilators can pick the hair up to 1/8th of an inch. So you can be hair-free all the time like celebrities.

Whereas the results of waxing can last around 3 to 4 weeks as well. And hair growth can be seen as a post 3-4 weeks. You cannot wax until it grows to a certain length. So you have to give a gap between your waxing session and bear with some hair on your body.

Epilator vs. waxing at one glance :

Comparison Pointers 




Yes - for beginners 






Expensive - One time buy 

Economical - recurring 

Application area:

Most of the body parts except few sensitive area 

All over body 

Travel Friendly 



Hair Length

⅛ inches hair length required

¼ inches hair length required


Fast except pubic area 

Time consuming except small areas

Ingrown hair



Hair type

Coarse and fine hair

Hard wax required for coarse  hair 

Skin type

Not for highly sensitive skin

Patch test for sensitive skin required

Equipment required 

 Epilator machine 

Wax heater, Strips , Wax and towel

Hair regrowth

Sparse hair growth over a period of time

Sparse hair growth over a period of time

Preparation required



Skills Required



Growth Gap

2-4 weeks - after regrowth epilation can be done immediately for smooth skin always 

2-4 weeks - after regrowth waxing cannot be done immediately, requires certain length

Waxing vs. epilator on different body parts 

Yes, you can remove hair from any part of your desire. Be it your face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini area. While removing hair either with an epilator or waxing, you need to be a little cautious about particular areas.

Epilator vs. waxing for facial hair

The face is one of the most delicate areas. The skin on the face is much more sensitive. The hair on the face can be noticed easily and it’s important to pick the right hair removal method

Pick the right tool

For facial hair, if you opt for waxing, you still have to choose from hot or cold wax. Using hot wax is always a bit tricky as there are chances of burns if the temperature is not right so be sure to go professional if you are a newbie. Cold wax comparatively is less harsh to your skin however if you may have to apply the wax strips multiple times to get the desired results. Opt for wax strips meant for facial hair removal.

Similarly, like wax, there are specific epilators meant for removing facial hair only. they are not only compact but also very less painful. So please don’t use the epilators which are meant for the body on your face it will irritate your skin and leave ingrown hair hence picking up the right tool is very important for facial hair.


Achieving a baby-smooth face with advanced facial epilators is an easy task as the device is capable of picking the finest hair with precision. Similar results are achieved by wax after a good amount of efforts


Facial epilators and cold wax are travel friendly contrary to hot wax.

Hair type:

Epilation not only picks up the coarse hair but also the smallest and fine hair up to 0.5 mm. While for waxing you have to let some hair grow till you can even apply wax to remove your hair.


Waxing whether it’s for a small or large area requires a bit of preparation and hence it is time-consuming. On the contrary epilators, time will depend on the area you want to epilate hence the time is consumed less for facial hair


Clearly, the epilator is a winner here in many aspects especially if you want to remove your facial hair at home at your convenience. However hot wax is also a good option if you are visiting a salon

Epilator vs. waxing pubic hair

In spite of some research showing hair removal in the pubic area’s connection with STI or sexually transmitted diseases, the trend for pubic hair removal has been growing. Brazilian wax has been famous for years however new technology for hair removal has been emerging as well. Let us compare Epilator vs. waxing for pubic hair and find out which is best

Picking the right tool

Waxing or epilation of your pubic hair is something you should not try at home specially if you are a beginner

Picking the right wax is important to treat such sensitive areas. Hard wax is used for such places and you should avoid hard wax.

I have not come across any single epilator which is suggested to be used on all pubic region , max you can use epilators on bikini lines


While we all love doing things by ourselves, please avoid doing waxing or epilating such sensitive area by your own as both the methods involves pain and you should seek help from professionals to avoid side effects


In most cases, the epilator is the quickest method to remove your body hair but not in the case of pubic hair. You have to be very careful while epilating such an area. On the contrary, waxing is faster as it will be able to pull a large chunk of hair at one go


Both the methods are painful and it will depend on your tolerance level. But if you are a beginner then you should know that the epilating pubic area is not for the faint-hearted and one should first try waxing and then upgrade to the epilating


I would suggest going for waxing your pubic region from professionals. There are no epilators in the market that takes care of the entire pubic region but a portion of it mainly bikini line. But Brazilian wax is not only less painful but also covers a larger area.

Epilator Vs. Waxing: The Conclusion 

Surprisingly both epilator vs waxing are effective methods in removing the hair. It depends upon the individual to individual what to choose according to their convenience, budget and skin type. 

In a nutshell, it is a difficult decision to make. An epilator provides speedy and convenient results and also cheaper. You need to invest in a device once and you are good to go for a long span. The issue is pain while epilating which can reduce bit by bit as you utilize it more often. 

On the other hand, waxing has been widely used for the past hundreds of years. Waxing gives you amazing results in delicate areas. 

Hope that you find the best method for hair removal. 

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