Epilator vs.Trimmer ! What’s your pick?

Have you researched Epilator vs Trimmer as hair removal methods at some point in time but could not gather the details? You are in the right place. The article shall discuss the two, in fact, with comparisons and rank the best among the two. 

Difference between a trimmer and an epilator?

The first question that arises in mind is that if both of them help remove unwanted body hair, what are those features that differentiate between them? We can consider many pointers, which can help you find the difference between Epilator and Trimmer. First, we shall and understand the basic concept of working and technique of epilator vs trimmer.

What is an epilator?

An epilator is a handheld device that removes body hair much efficiently compared to other products used for removing unwanted body hair. It consists of multiple tweezers embedded on a roller. When the roller rotates, it pulls up hair from the root. Epilation is a concept not very new but has proven to be a choice of many worldwide. It uses a similar concept as it does in waxing or threading.

What is a trimmer?

Trimmer is a device that trims the hair from the surface of the skin. These consist of two blades sliding over each other. When the area with these blades is in contact with the hair, you remove it gets cut. There is a variety of Trimmer available for almost all the body parts.

Epilator vs Trimmer comparison based on

Growth gap 

The hair growth gap is something that depends on the working technique of a device or a method. The Trimmer doesn’t penetrate the skin and cuts the hair from the surface; hence the hair regrowth is quicker.

Whereas an epilator works on a tweezers technique, which tends to pull the hair from its roots; therefore, the new hair follicles take time to regrow, leaving you hair-free for a longer duration to some it even last for 4-6 weeks of hair-free body.


We all want smooth skin without any hassle, but alas, if things could be so easy. Operating an epilator can be very uncomfortable if you are using it for the first time. Since epilators eliminate hair by pulling it out from the root, it does cause pain. However, pain toleration varies from one individual to another, and it eases out in the long run with practice. Nevertheless, Trimmer does not pain at all; it is just a little discomfort if you are trimming to near to the skin. The process involves trimming or cutting the hair from the skin surface and not penetrating the skin. Hence the chance of pain is almost next to negligible.


The cost associated with buying an epilator is more than that of a trimmer. The advanced technology used in an epilator makes it costlier than a trimmer. But the kind of efficiency and speed that they possess make them worth every penny spent. An epilator’s buying cost might seem more than a trimmer, but its benefits outweigh the cost. The deal might not be as bad as going for the salon visits every month. Both Epilator or trimmers are available in a wide range of prices, depending on the features.

Time consumed by epilator vs trimmer

Hair removal is known to be a tedious task for women in terms of time consumption. You plan your hair removal method generally a couple of days ahead for no last-minute hurry. With the introduction of devices that help remove unwanted body hair at home, the job has become much more comfortable in terms of the time consumed during hair removal. Epilators take less time to remove hair from the body’s small area like the upper lip or chin. On the larger area, how fast can you run an epilator will depend on your pain endurance capability and how many breaks you take in between the whole process. Trimmer doesn’t eat up much time as it runs over the skin’s surface. However, to get soft and supple skin, one might even need to use it multiple times over the same area.


While an Epilator removes, the root’s hair trimmer works on the skin’s surface area to trim the hair and not pull them from the source. Skin is smooth and flawless after using an epilator. On the other hand, a trimmer cuts the hair from the skin surface rather than pulling it off, making a trimmer less competitive than an epilator in terms of smoothness.

Hair type 

Epilator can best remove hair, which is 3mm – 5mm lengths, almost like a small pea-size. However, some epilator claims epilate hair, which is even smaller, like 0.5 mm, which is even tricky for waxing to capture. One should avoid longer hair epilation as it may lead to painful epilation, and the possibility of ingrown hair increases; hence if you have more length than anything above 1 cm, you should trim it. 

Trimmer has no issues with longer hair trimming, but it will trim down the hair up to 0.5 mm only. 

Skin type

While redness and swollenness for few hours after epilation is observed with every skin type, do a patch test if you have sensitive skin. You might get histamine bumps after epilation for few hours or might stay for a day, so if you plan to go out, do your epilation a day before that. Since Trimmer does not come in close contact with skin, it’s side-effects can be limited to itchiness.

Hair regrowth

With Epilator eliminates hair at the root, it grows back with softer, narrower tips than hair removed with a trimmer which looks and feels blunt and darker. Also, with an epilator, hair grows back at various rates counting on the stage of the hair growth cycle, so, in the next session, there is comparatively less hair to be replaced than before, which is not the case with the Trimmer.

Ingrown hair

Ingrown hair is those that grow back into the skin. It is common to all the hair removal techniques, but an epilator has greater chances of having this skin condition. If the Epilator cannot pick the hair from the root but breaks in between then, it continues to grow below the skin. On the other hand, Trimmers do not cause the problem of ingrown hair to a great extent.

One should take precautions while using any of these two to ensure that they do not develop ingrown hair.

Travel friendly 

Two main criteria make a hair removal device travel friendly. One of them is the size. If they are compact enough for carrying in the handbag? If any extra accessories required along with the product? While both Epilator and Trimmer are compact in sizes, but Epilator comes with a charger that has to suit with plug the country you are travelling to. Trimmers are battery operated and can be used anywhere without much hassle.  

Epilator vs.Trimmer at one look.

Comparison Pointers



Growth gap

4-6 weeks

2- 3 weeks



Not Painful

Ingrown Hair



Travel friendly




Yes for Beginners 



leaves very smooth skin


Hair length

Generally from 3mm to 5mm . Good epilators also pluck 0.5 mm hair . Not suited for hair length more than 1cm

Can trim hair upto 0.5 mm

Hair regrowth

 Hair regrowth is fine and thin. Reduction of hair observed as well

Hair regroth is blunt so appearance is coarse and thick




Skin Type

Not for Sensitive Skin

Can be used by all skin type

Epilator vs.Trimmer comparison based on body parts 

Epilator vs.Trimmer for bikini

So you want to get rid of bikini hair and pondering, Which one is a better Epilator or Trimmer for the bikini area?

Here are a few pointers to consider 

Not for a beginner 

If you are a beginner, Epilator is not a better option for the bikini area. The pubic area or the bikini area is a sensitive part, and while using an epilator to remove hair, with the utmost attention. You will have to trim your hair a little before starting epilation if the hair is long enough. First, if you are a beginner, try waxing or shaving the area and observing how your skin reacts to it. Once you get a hang to try epilation, Trimmer can easily be used either by a novice or expert likewise as not much skill is required.

Adverse effects

The procedure is painful without a doubt, and since it’s on the sensitive area, it will be more painful than hands and legs. Redness, rashes, and ingrown hair are high possibilities. 

Prepare well for epilation. It is crucial to take precautions and use a right and reliable Epilator. 

Trimmer does not have any significant adverse effects as it hardly touches the skin, and since it is a painless procedure, it makes it a choice for many women in India. Opt for a bikini trimmer. 

Bikini trimmers are best suits to remove pubic hair as the design is to trim the hair in the delicate area without causing any irritations or rashes. A bikini trimmer removes hair gently without causing any skin irritations.

Smooth bikini area 

If you plan to wear a swimsuit, Epilator indeed gives you freedom from bikini hair for weeks. Baby smooth skin is possible through epilation if done correctly. Yes, but it comes with a no pain, no gain policy. Epilator, however, should not be done on all pubic regions you can opt for waxing instead.

Trimmer can’t give you that look at what you can achieve with Epilator since it just cuts or trims the hair, so trimming is best if you do bikini area hair removal for your hygiene purposes and not to achieve smooth looks


The process while epilating involves pulling the hair from the roots; hence takes a comparatively high time to regrow hair if you can bear the pain. Trimmed bikini hair will grow back quicker and require your attention to maintain from time to time. 

Epilator vs.Trimmer for facial hair

The face is one of the most sensitive parts of a body that needs careful handling. According to a study, one in 14 women struggles with facial hair. Here are a few points that should be kept in mind while using hair removal devices on the face:

Pick the right tool

Epilators, without a doubt, bring out the most flawless skin ever, but not all Epilator’s designs are for facial hairs. Epilator’s for facial hair is very sensitive and covers a small area. You should only use the ones that are specifically for working over the face. You can quickly get epilators for the upper lip and eyebrows. If you are a beginner, take baby steps, do a patch test and see if you can take it further for the whole look. Similar is the case with the Trimmer. You can’t use bikini trimmers for the face. Facial trimmers have designs used to remove unwanted facial hair.


Since you will be using a face epilator, then you can expect a bearable or very little pain more or less similar to threading or tweezers. The facial epilator stills pull up the facial hair from rots; On the one hand, you can comfortably use the facial trimmers without much discomfort.


While facial trimmers and epilators both will work efficiently and leave the face soft and supple immediately. However, the Epilator’s results last for weeks after use, whereas trimmed facial hair regrows quickly. 


While an epilator is useful for every part of the body without much hassle and provides transparent, soft, and hair-free skin, a trimmer does not pull the hair from the root hence needs to be used very frequently. While an epilator is a painful procedure, a trimmer does not cause much discomfort. It is tough to conclude that an epilator or Trimmer, which is the best. Both of them come with specific advantages and disadvantages; one needs to make sure that the personal requirements are judged and go with the one that suits the needs.

We have tried covering almost all the points to compare an epilator with a trimmer; in Epilator vs Trimmer race, the epilator outcomes a trimmer in some aspects, whereas Trimmer steals the show in others. If you want no pain and still want to remove hair permanently, then you can check IPL hair removal at home. 

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