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Have you been searching best shampoo for thin hair in India and getting confused about which one to pick? You are not alone because It’s tricky to pick any shampoo for your thin hair

This article focuses on the best volumising shampoo for thin hair in India; however, you will require diet and supplements as well to actually grow your hair thick. There are also natural ways to increase your hair density.This shampoo does give a volumising effect, but these are not permanent methods and will only camouflage your hair density for a limited period of time. This information will help you with what to expect from shampoo and how to pick one for yourself.

Tips for picking the best shampoo for thin hair in India

Consider your scalp type.

Yes, it’s essential to consider your scalp type while you opt for any shampoo. So if you have dry scalp, you should pick a volumising shampoo with moisturising effect keeping in mind that should not weigh your hair down, or you can use volumising and moisturising shampoo alternatively

Consider your hair type.

Is your hair dry and thin or it’s oily and thin. Pick your shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type. If you choose the contrary, it will start having an adverse effect which you will never want for your hair.

Read the labels on the shampoo bottle

Understand when to use chemicals in shampoo and when not. Check if you are allergic to any chemical. While reading the labels look for ingredients like biotin egg, ginseng, aloe vera, amino acid, glycerin, etc., and other things which helps hair growth

Pick conditioner in tandem with shampoo

To get the best of your volumising shampoo start using the conditioner from the same brand or conditioner which compliment the volumising shampoo because generally the chemical formulation of these shampoos and conditioners are meant to give better result together with each other rather than using the shampoo alone. So when the shampoo is paired with coordinating conditioners, they not only provide you with volume but also moisturise your hair to a whole new level

Use mild shampoo

The first rule is to wash your hair when it is dirty because scalp oozes out natural oil which is helpful for hair growth, but people with thin hair problems wash hair frequently to make it look fluffy if you are the one who opts for frequent washing the start using a mild shampoo or a dry shampoo

Always pick a shampoo which makes sure the scalp is clean else it may lead to product build-up and sebum

Shampoo might dry out hair.

Hair thickening shampoos are chemically formulated to give an appearance of fuller hair. But these shampoos tend to dry your hair out. So it’s important to expect this and take precautions to combat this. You can precondition your hair before wash for a smoother effect

Tips for low-density hair

Hair washing

Wash your hair with lukewarm or cold water. A hot shower will dry out your hair and make the condition worse

Heat styling tools

Similar is the case of using heat styling tools. Limit the use of heat treatments to your hair. Let your hair dry mostly or in case you want to use hair dryer choose the one meant for fine hair

Combing your hair

Never comb your hair while they are wet and never your hair with a towel for drying it out

Chemical treatments 

Say no to keratine treatment, cysteine, hair smoothening and hair straightening. They are meant for coarse and thick hair. Chemical used in such therapies will worse the hair condition. Instead, opt for natural methods to keep it frizz-free and shiny.

Trimming Hair

Trim your hair often as split ends become more noticeable. Also, long hair tends to weigh down the hair which makes it’s looking thinner which you will never want

With these tips and tricks and healthy lifestyle and diet soon, you will be able to improve your thin hair. Let’s dive into best shampoo for thin hair in India

Best Natural Shampoo for thin hair In India 

Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Fresh Lift Body Building Shampoo For Fine & Thinning Hair

If you are looking out for shampoo in herbal and organic rang, then Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Volumizing is the best shampoo for thin hair in India especially if you have an oily scalp. This brand claims to completely clean the scalp leaving you with a fuller, thicker, lifted hair.

Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Fresh Lift Body Building Shampoo For Fine & Thinning Hair

What the company say about the product 


As the name suggests it is primarily made of walnut bark and is a combination of  musk root, amla, soap nut and black malya flowers

How to use

Drench your hair entirely with water preferably with lukewarm.

Massage the shampoo on to the roots

Rinse your hair entirely and take excess water out


The company claims to be 100 per cent organic and natural, preservatives free and does no animal testing. Go for it if you care for the environment

We have done Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Fresh Lift Body Building Shampoo For Fine & Thinning Hair Review analysis based on users opinion on amazon.

What users say about the product 


The shampoo is not runny and is transparent. It’s purple in colour and semi-thick in texture.


The smell is quite feminine and stays for long, even after a day of wash. Users were quite happy with the way the shampoo smells

Value for money

Majority of the users are satisfied with price point and falls on the expectation of bouncing the hair look


It cleanses the scalp very thoroughly, and some even mentioned that it soothes itchy scalp. Users with oily scalp have given very positive feedback. If you are searching for a natural cleanser for oily hair, pick this shampoo

Hair fall.

While the company does not claim to stop any rainfall, many users have said that their hair fall did stop while some said increased. So using Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Shampoo for hair fall will vary from person to person scalp and hair condition

Dry hair

Many users have complained about hair becoming frizzy though the majority of them already had dry hair. Usage of Conditioner is must if you already have dry hair. I will not suggest Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Shampoo  for dry hair

Instant volume

Most of the users have experienced their lifted hair look instantly after first use while some observed it in a month

How often to use

Most of the users mentioned using it once a week


Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Fresh Lift Body Building Shampoo For Fine & Thinning Hair price in India

The shampoo is available in different sizes according to your needs starting from 75ml, 120 ml 190ml, 210 ml, 340 ml and 400ml Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Fresh Lift Body Building Shampoo For Fine & Thinning Hair price in India ranges from lies from the range of Rs 60 to Rs 380 approximately depending on the size of the bottle. So you can start will the smallest size here and it will work as a sample and you can see for yourself if this suits you.

Best mild shampoo for thin hair in India

Nyle Volume Enhance Shampoo

While every organic shampoo can be used as a mild shampoo. This shampoo is best for your thin hair because this can be used daily as the ph balance of the shampoo gives your hair damage protection, and it is very mild to your scalp

Nyle volume shampoo for thin hair in India

What the company say about the product 


Condensed with the richness of natural herbs like Reetha, Amla, Blackberry and Lavender gives you lustrous and shiny hair

How to use

Apply immediately on wet hair, let it foam and wash out thoroughly with water.


The company claims that it is not only natural and herbal but also 100% paraben-free

What users say about the product


It has a pleasant and natural fragrance mostly liked by the users. The aroma stays on your hair for a couple of days post hair wash.


Works well for dull, damaged, frizzy hair and often turns them into silky smooth hair. Very few mentioned that hair feels dry


Acts an excellent cleanser for the scalp, and since it is mild and natural, there is no residue left. It is effortless to rinse and requires less water to get washed out

Value for money

It’s good quality shampoo worth buying which does not make your hair feel weighed down. It is very economical, especially if you want to use it often or for long hair.


Yes this shampoo contains SLS and sales

Best shampoo for thin oily hair in India

L’Oreal Paris Serie Expert Density Advanced Shampoo

The salon professionals often suggest this shampoo to their clients because of its instant voluminizing result. If you are someone who would not mind a bit of chemical in the shampoo to get the desired effect, then go for it

L'Oreal Paris Serie Expert Density Advanced Shampoo for thin hair

What the company say about the product


This shampoo is endowed with the treatment of vitamin PP, B6 and OMEGA 6 Nutri-Complex to give revived thickness to thin hair. Apart from this it also contains certain chemicals like Sodium Chloride, Sodium Benzoate and many others to give your hair the desired look

How to use

Circulate all over your scalp evenly when your hair is wet. Lather and wash it off.

Paraben and SLS

Yes this product contains Paraben and SLS

What users say about the product


It is thick like cream in consistency, and it will require a bit of water to get diluted. The shampoo is transparent in colour. This shampoo does not lather much, so you have to use a considerable amount to cleanse your hair properly

Dry hair

Avoid this if your hair is dry and frizzy or you must use a conditioner as it does make the hair dry. Go for it if you have oily or normal hair

Hair fall

People have observed hair fall reduction if the shampoo suits their hair type

Instant volume

Post hair wash most of the user experience soft and supple hair with improved volume and texture


It’s a big fat bottle which makes it challenging to be travel friendly; however, the packaging is a simple opaque shape bottle with an open flip cap.


The fragrance is floral and medicinal, but it does not stay for long and escapes within a few hours of washing

Chemical treated hair

The shampoo works like wonder on both coloured or chemically treated hair

Best shampoo for dry, thin hair in India 

Dove Advanced Hair Series Rejuvenated Volume Shampoo

If you have dry, thin hair and you are searching for a shampoo which will not further frizz your hair out. Use this shampoo and get clean hair with quick hair bounce. The best results come when used with Dove Advanced Hair Series Rejuvenated Volume Conditioner. This the shampoo has been professionally composed with components to boost and replenish essential nutrients that thin hair needs.

Dove Advanced Hair Series Rejuvenated Volume Shampoo for hair thinning

What the company say about the product


Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Dimethicone and TEA- Dodecylbenzonesulphate, Glycol Distearate, Sodium Chloride, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Acrylates/ Beheneth-25 Methacrylate, Copolymer, Gluconolactone, Glycerin, Perfume, Cocamide MEA, Guar Hydroxyprobyltrimonium, Chloride, Disodium EDTA,  DMDM Hydantoin, Trehalose, Sodium Sulfate, Hydrolysed Keratin, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Citric Acid, Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Geraniol, Hydroxycitronellal,  Alpha- Isomethyl Ionone, Linalool.

How to use

Hair should be entirely damp and moist before smearing the shampoo into your scalp and hair.


This shampoo contains SLS

What users say about the product

Daily usage

Though the company claims it is best suited for daily usage. Users suggest to use it once a week if you have dry hair else it starts drying out the hair  So using conditioner is must for such scenarios

Softness and bounce

Many users have an opinion that it makes their hair manageable and gives hair volume and make it appear fuller and softer


It is soft and light on your hair and does the work of cleansing well


The smell of this shampoo is mild and floral and typically similar to any other  Dove shampoo, and the fragrance stays on the hair for a couple of days


It’s beautiful and travel friendly

Best shampoo for thin hair in India – Anti-dandruff range 

Himalaya Herbals Anti Dandruff Shampoo-Volume and Bounce

If you face dandruff often then this is the best shampoo for thin hair which will not only give your hair instant bounce and volume but also make it dandruff free

What the company say about the product 


This shampoo is formed blending Tea-tree oil and holy basil, which helps in reducing dandruff. This shampoo soothes itching scalp and prevents the reproduction of flakes. Soapberry renders to volume and bounce in thin hair.

How to use

Massage the shampoo gently into damp hair and scalp. Wash out thoroughly and repeat if essential.

Paraben and SLS

The company claims to be free from using PARABENS and SILICONE.

What users say about the product 

Value for money

The product does what it claims, and hence it is worth the money spent


The hair is slightly bounced and stays for a day


The company claims that it moisturises hair, but few complaints of little dryness which can be tackled with the use of conditioner


The smell is mild and soft.


Works very well against mild to moderate dandruff but not severe or extreme. Since this is a natural shampoo, it is gentle to your scalp as well.

Best shampoo for thin hair in India with Biotin 

OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo

You will often find collagen mentioned in most biotin shampoos, so it becomes obvious to know the answer to “what is collagen”?

Collagen is a protein that retains hair strength and elasticity. Collagen is also useful for maintaining a healthy scalp and deter hair thinning

If you are someone who finds it tricky and challenging to pick the right shampoo for your hair type  and want an instant lift, then go ahead and choose this best shampoo for thin hair in biotin range 

What the company say about the product

Product description 

The company claims to give your even weakest strands the bouncy looks and suits all hair types


This shampoo is a combination of ProVitamin B7 and collagen, which adds bounce and dimension while hydrolysed wheat proteins strengthen hair.

How to use

Apply generously to damp hair, run the foam till the end of the hair. Once cleaned, rinse it off with water. Apply organic conditioner for smooth hair

What users say about the product 

Value for money

While most of the users are pleased about the product price, but few think it is overpriced compared to another volume shampoo while some say very little is required

Bounce with smoothness

Most of the user found this product useful and gave them volume, bounce and smoothness, which lasted for a couple of days. Very few experienced that it makes their hair dry if they did not use conditioner


Majority of the customer feel their hair fall stopped with the usage of this shampoo while very few spoke otherwise.

Hard water

It’s an excellent product to use if you get hard water in your area and you get hair fall because of that

Oily scalp

People with oily hair seems to be most happy about the product


Few users complained of getting dandruff if this product does not suit your hair type and if it does it’s the best thing to happen to your hair

Best sulfate-free shampoo for fine hair in India

If you are someone who just craves for everything organic and has patience where you let nature takes care for your hair slowly and steady. Try this shampoo, and if it clicks for your hair, it will sort your hair worries in a jiffy.

Bella Vita Organic Shampoo with Growth Protein for Hair

What company say about the product

The shampoo claims to be 100% organic with No paraben No sulphate. Harmful Gmo product Cruelty-Free to animals and has no synthetic dyes and alcohol


The shampoo contains coffee beans which stimulate root for growth. It contains Amla for strengthening the hair follicle. To maximise hair fall, it has Brahmi which thickens the roots. Shikakai soothes the scalp while Ashwagandha helps in blood circulation on the scalp. The shampoo also incorporates Kapur kachri, which increases hair density and shine.

How to use

Thoroughly moist your scalp and wet your hair. Take a little quantity of shampoo and apply on the hair roots and moving towards the tip of the heart.

Rinse out the shampoo once it lathers.

Repeat if necessary

The company claims that the shampoo will start showing the result after 4-5 weeks

What users say about the product


This comes in a transparent bottle and is travel friendly


The use of coffee beans in the shampoo gives the intense fragrance of chocolate

Hair fall

Majority of the users have got aided in hair fall reduction with the usage of the shampoo, so it’s the best shampoo for hair fall and thin hair in India


Since it is sulphate free. You will require a large amount to lather, and if you have long hair you will end up using the shampoo a bit faster

Value for money

If you are looking for something gentle and mild on your scalp, which is organic and budget-friendly. Give this shampoo a try


Most of the users have observed that post shampoo their hair feels smoother and shinier

Oily scalp

Users with oily scalp have given more positive reviews compared to dry hair and scalp

Dry hair

People with dry hair have complained of becoming their hair more frizzy if conditioner or post conditioner not used

So which is the best shampoo for thin hair in India? Well, the answer will depend on the solution you are looking for. Your hair needs special care to bounce back, and your pick of the shampoo will help you ease the process. I hope that these articles help you select the best hair shampoo in the available Indian market for thin hair.

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