Best hair dryer under 1000 rupees in India-2021

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Searching “Best hair dryer under 1000 rupees” in India. Tight on budget? Or this is your first hairdryer buy and you don’t want to take a risk with the expensive one? I understand your situation and hence I will be answering all your queries. In this article so that you can easily make up your mind in choosing the right one for you.

In spite of knowing that heat is not good for our hair, Women are opting for using hair dryers. And why not? As in our fast-paced life, we need something to save time and get ready. Going to parlors is not only time-consuming but also makes a good dent in our pocket.

Product Watt Heat
/Speed setting
Weight in gmsCan be FoldedCool shotCord Length WarrantySpecial FeaturePrice
12003 heat/2 Speed381YesYes1.5 m2 yrsThermo protect Check Here
12003 heat/2 Speed320YesYes1.5 m2 yrsHeat Balance Check Here
Insta glam
10002 heat/2 Speed 338YesNo1.5 m2 yrsAuto Shut off Check Here
12003 heat / 2speed 440 YesYes1.6 m2 yrsHeat BalanceCheck Here
Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B (Blue)10002 heat/2 speed 335NoNo1.8 m2 yrsTurbo Dry Check Here
Panasonic EH-ND11-P62B ( Pink)10002 heat/2 speed355 NoNo1.8 m2 yrsTurbo DryCheck Here
HESLEY HAIR DRYER HD14002 heat/2 speed660YesYes 1.75m 90 days Powerful MotorCheck Here
Amazon Basics12002 heat/2 speed350Yes No1.5 m1 yrCompact Design Check Here
Nova NHP 8203 Premium1400 3 heat/2 Speed250YesYes1.2 m1yr EHD TechnologyCheck Here

How to choose Hair Dryer

Choosing the best hair dryer under 1000 rupees can become a daunting task as they all come with different features. There are so many features to check before you purchase one that often women get confused. Since you are searching Best hair dryer under 1000 rupees in India and you have a budget in mind I will be mentioning the features that you get in this price range only. But I want you to know a single hairdryer dont expect one size fits all syndrome. Look for features important to you.

Let me make things easy by explaining the features first.

  • Power: The Hairdryer comes with different power capacities. The higher the WATT, the quicker your hair will dry. Clearly, this indicates less exposure to heat on hair. If you have thin hair or low volume exposing your hair to higher watts will fry your hair out. Pick the hairdryer wisely. The much preferred Watt is 1600W to 2000W for thick or coarse hair and 1000 to 1500W for fine or thin hair.
  • Cord length: Trust me, no one cares about this topic until you start using the hairdryer and feel uncomfortable when plugs come out of the switchboard often when you are hair drying. Opting for a long cord length not only makes your hair drying process comfortable but is also safe. If you use an extension rod to increase the cord’s length for more flexibility, you are risking your dryer being burnt or destroyed. It is always advisable to use the main power switch and not an extension rod. The longest cord length you can probably get in a hairdryer is 1.8m to 2m depending upon the quality and the brand you are purchasing. 
  • Weight: When you purchase a dryer for yourself, you don’t want your hands to hurt after holding it for a while, so always look for lightweight dryers that are easy to hold while drying and styling for an extended period. For example, you need time to dry for long thick hair; a heavyweight dryer will make this process cumbersome. 
  • Noise: I know no one who likes noisy Hairdryers. Women mostly avoided by people because they not only irritate you but also the people around you. If you are strict on budget and just intent to buy the Best hair dryer under 1000 rupees” in India then you will have few choices, unfortunately. Check that your dryer has a big wind inlet that reduces air swirl and makes less noise.
  • Hanging Loop: This is the most basic feature and is present in almost all modern hair dryers hanging loop makes it easy to hang the dryer after using it. I have mentioned it so that you don’t give it a miss. Hanging loops are placed at the base of the dryer to the hanging of the dryer after you are done with the drying and styling part. 
  • Foldable, or not: This feature helps you save your space especially if you are travelling. However, it has to do nothing with the quality of the dryer. So if storage is not in your mind you may or may not opt for purchasing a foldable hairdryer. All modern dryers are mostly foldable because they fit in easily. 
  • Nozzle: Nozzle is an essential part of a dryer because it helps circulate the airflow in the hair, it can either be narrow or wide and each serves its purpose. It can be either attached or detached with the hairdryer. A narrow nozzle can help in the easy styling of hair while a wide concentrator will make your hair drying faster. You will get this type of nozzle in this price range. The diffuser is also given but in the high range of dryers.
  • Heat setting: This is another significant aspect. Some dryers have 2 heat settings, high and low, and some have 3 heat settings low, medium, and high. Women with long or thick hair need a great time to dry their hair, so a high heat setting works great for them, and for short or thin hair, low heat settings do the job. Heat setting helps you to control the temperature of the heat efficiently and prevent your strands from damaging. So ensure that your dryer has this feature.
  • Speed: While high-range dryers will have 3-speed settings. But all basic dryer has at least 2-speed settings; one is low, and the other medium effectively controls the air’s speed while styling or drying your hair. Use these speed settings according to your hair type 
  • Cool shot: Cool shot button is a great feature to set your styling after you have done drying your hair. It instantly will give shine to your hair. It is to be noted that you should not get disguised with the name. The cool shot button does not emit cool air, but it can be of normal room temperature or little warm air to set the hair. So set your expectation right from this feature.
  • Heat protection: All modern hair dryer comes with heat protection technology by evenly distributing the heat all over. You might find different names given by different brands like “EHD”, “Turbo Dry”, Thermo protect and many more but their purpose is the same. This helps your hair from getting damaged and maintains its structure. So check which heat protection technology your dryer has.
  • Warranty: I would suggest dont go for local brands or cheap quality product just in the lure of saving a few extra bucks. Instead, opt for brands that have good customer service and warranty on their products. You will get a 1-2 year warranty on all manufacturing defects.  Also, look for any fine print that can make the warranty useless. 

Now when you how to choose your hair dryer. Lets start reviewing “Best hair dryer under 1000 rupees”

Philips HP8120/00

Philips is one of the world’s biggest electronics companies that never fails to impress its customers with its varying features and qualities in the products. This dryer is one of its best products with a Thermo protect temperature setting that helps the hair from overheating and helps you get the best results. It is one of the best hair dryers that helps you dry your hair and style it, and give it a perfect finishing touch.

Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer (Pink)

Key Features:

  • Speed Setting: This hair dryer is easy to use with its 2 flexible speed settings. Low and high settings help controls the speed of the dryer and make drying an easy and simple process
  • Heat Setting: The product has 3 flexible heat settings that allows easy drying. Cool shot button to set your hair right
  • Weight: Philips hair dryer is compact and classy in design. It is lightweight 381g to carry to handle for a long time
  • Size: 7.7 x 11.4 x 22 cm
  • Hanging Hook: It provides easy storage with a rubberized hanging hook
  • Nozzle: To give you precise styling, the concentrator is narrow and works by focusing on the airflow. The air flows through the opening onto specific areas that are great for touch-ups or to finish a style
  • Power: This hairdryer is 1200W for gentle drying
  • Cord length: The length of the cord of this hairdryer is 1.5m that is suitable to use if the switchboard is at a distance.
  • Warranty: You get 2 years of guarantee on this product so you can easily trust and purchase it.
  • Automatic Switch Off: The hairdryer automatically switches off when it is overheated that helps protect your hair from overheating.
  • Items Included: The box includes a hair dryer, nozzle , a user manual and a warranty card.
  • Thermo protects: it has a Thermo protect temperature that provides optimal drying temperature and protects your hair from overheating. You will get the best results in the same airflow. 

What User Say : Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Good hairdryer at this price point with features The cool air shot is not absolutely cool air but warm
Sleek and handy Noisy

SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610- Best hair dryer under 1000 rupees in terms of Weight

Syska has a trendsetter hair dryer that adds elegance and class to your personality. It has all the features that one looks for in a hairdryer like heat protection technology, detachable concentrator, cooling component, and many more, making it a perfect choice for every person looking for a good hairdryer there. With a Syska hair dryer, you can style your hair as you want and slay your look.

SYSKA HD1620 Trendsetter 1200Watt Hair Dryer (Pink)

Key Features:

Speed: Syska hairdryer has an adjustable 2 speed setting that helps personalise your hair requirements. It has a cool air function that allows drying your hair at a cool temperature that makes it most suitable in summers.

Heat Setting: the hairdryer has 3 customisable heat settings that help balance heat and prevent hair damage from overheating.

Storage: It has a foldable handle and has a hanging hook so that it is easier to hang it, which makes it compact and convenient to store anywhere and is also great to carry for travelling and storage purposes. 

Power: Syska hairdryer has a power capacity of 1200W with an input capacity of 220V and 240V that helps consume energy.

Noise: it has an enormous wind inlet that reduces air swirl and ultimately lowers noise while using the dryer. So noise is not a big issue with a Syska hairdryer. 

Nozzle: it has a detachable nozzle that helps concentrate on targeted sections of hair to promote distinct styling. You can change the nozzle easily as per your convenience and use it for styling and drying as you want. 

Weight: the hairdryer weight of not more than 320 grams makes it lightweight and easy to carry.

Size: 12.6 x 7.2 x 20 in cm

Warranty: You get a 2 years warranty on this product on manufacturing defect.

Heat Balance Technology: The Heat Balance technology disburse the air evenly to your hair so it avoids air concentration on the specific spot that helps in preventing damage from heat

What User Say : Pros & Cons

Best for rough, curly hair and helps you get frizz-free hair quickly.Cool Air function is not completely cool but warm
Light WeightOverheating if used for prolonged time

Vega insta glam hairdryer – Best hair dryer under 1000 rupees in terms of selling on Amazon

Vega insta glam hairdryer, as the name suggests, is designed to instantly give a glamorous and classy look to your hair within a few minutes. It is white and pinkish that gives it an exquisite look and makes styling a more effortless and convenient process with all new features. It is one of the best hair dryers for everyday styling and drying.

VEGA Insta Glam 1000 Hair Dryer (VHDH-20), White

Key Features: Vega insta glam hairdryer

  • Speed: Vega hair dryer has a 2-speed setting that gives you the fastest, easiest, and most efficient hair drying experience.
  • Heat Setting: The hairdryer has 2 heat settings, one is a low heat setting for perfect gentle drying, and another is a high heat setting for fast drying.
  • Auto Switch Off: It also has a safety auto switch-off feature to prevent excessive heating of the dryer and prevent your hair from damaging.
  • Foldable: Vega hair dryer has a foldable handle that makes it easy to store anywhere and is also great for travelling purposes. 
  • Power: The hairdryer is 1000W that makes it compatible with 110V to 240V and can easily be used in most countries and consume energy.
  • Weight: the appliance weighs 338 grams and is super lightweight 
  • Nozzle: Vega hair dryer comes with a detachable nozzle attachment that controls the airflow on specific sections for targeted drying and great styling. 
  • Cord: Vega hair dryer comes with a cord guard that helps protect the line, making it long-lasting. The length of the cord is 1.5m
  • Hanging Hook:  It has a hanging loop that helps turn the dryer when it is not in use and saves a lot of space.
  • Handle: the dryer has a nonslip grip handle that helps easy control while using the dryer and prevents it from falling.
  • Warranty: You get a 2 years warranty on the Vega hairdryer, so you can purchase it with the assurance that it will be replaced or repaired in case of any defect.
  • Items Included: The items included in the box are a hairdryer, one nozzle, a user manual, and a warranty card.
  • Size: 8.5 x 12 x 19.5 cm

What User Say : Pros & Cons

Best value of money at this price Not suitable for long hair
Best suited for thin fine hair Noisy

Havells HD2223- Best hair dryer under 1000 rupees for features.

Havells hair dryer is light and compact and helps dry and styling your hair like a pro, quickly and conveniently. It has a powerful motor that keeps your hair beautiful, healthy and heat balance technology that helps prevent it from damaging due to excess heat. It has perfect ergonomics and enables easy handling.

Havells HD2223 1200 W Foldable & Travel Friendly Hair Dryer (Coral)

Key Features:

  • Power: Havells hair dryer is of 1600W powerful drying feature. However, it is recommended not to use high flickering or voltage fluctuation.
  • Handle: This hair dryer has a foldable handle that makes it convenient for storage and travel purposes.
  • Heat setting: The hairdryer has two hot and one cool setting button that helps to direct the airflow in certain sections and give better control during styling.
  • Speed: the hairdryer has a 2-speed setting that helps easy control speed while using the dryer and gives soft, glossy, and beautiful hair. 
  • Weight: The appliance weighs 440 grams and is easy to carry anywhere and everywhere. 
  • Cord length: the length of the cord of Havells hairdryer is 1.6m that allows easy movement while styling your hair. 
  • Nozzle: It has a detachable concentrator nozzle for focused airflow to promote better hair drying and styling.
  • Size: 18.3 x 7.7 x 25.2 cm
  • Cool shot button: The cool shot button in Havells dryer ensures a long-lasting blow-dry.
  • Hanging Loop: it has a hanging loop attached to the dryer to make it convenient and easy to hang at any place. This also saves a lot of space. 
  • Items Included: the items included in the box are a Havells hairdryer, 1 nozzle, user manual, and a warranty card. 
  • HoneyComb Inlet: it has a honeycomb inlet that stops tangling your hair while drying.
  • Warranty: Havells hairdryer provides you 2 years warranty on the appliance that makes it trustworthy.

What User Say : Pros And Cons

Powerful Drying power Noisy
Very Travel friendly

Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B

Use Panasonic hairdryers and create a stylish look for your hairs by giving it a smooth, soft and glossy finish. It is compact and is easy to handle and carry. It has various features that make it one of the best hair dryers. This dryer gives you a salon-like feeling by just sitting at home, and it has a classy and elegant look that gives it a stylish appearance.

Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B 1000W  Hair Dryer with Turbo Dry Mode(Blue)

Key Features:

  • Speed: the hairdryer has two-speed settings- lower and higher rate. As per your hair length and thickness, you can use any of the speed settings and dry your hair.
  • Heat setting: It has 2 heat settings that help control the heat level on your hair and avoid overheating, thus protecting it from damage.
  • Power: It is a 1000W powerful turbo dry feature that provides gently air dry the hair effectively within minutes. The turbo mode produces high-speed uniform airflow that helps to set tresses and dry locks conveniently. 
  • Cord length: The dryer has a 1.8m long cord that enables easy utilization by increasing the range of the device so that you can use it comfortably.
  • Weight: The dryer’s weight is 355 grams that are lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. It is also suitable to take for traveling purposes.
  • Not Foldable: The hairdryer is not foldable. Ergonomic design: the hairdryer has an ergonomic design that is easy to hold the dryer and operate.
  • Hanging Hook: It has a hanging notch at the base that makes it easier to turn the dryer after use and saves a lot of storage space. 
  • Warranty: You get 2 years of the warranty period in this appliance that starts from the date of purchase.
  • Items included: The Panasonic hairdryer has a hairdryer included in the box and warranty card.
  • Size:  7.3 x 14.8 x 17.9 cm

What User Say : Pros & Cons

Value of money spend Not suitable for very long hair
Very quick Hair dryOverheating on prolonged use

Panasonic EH-ND11-P62B Hair Dryer – Best hair dryer under 1000 rupees for low volume hair

Get a stylish and classy look with this Panasonic hairdryer. Panasonic has a variety of hair dryers within your budget to give a perfect finishing look. The product is good to give your hair a soft, smooth, and classy look and provide it the proper conditioning for a shiny, frizz-free look by giving it precise styling and touch-ups. It will help you dry your hair locks quickly and comfortably, even from a distance, with its turbo dry feature.

Panasonic EH-ND11-P62B 1000W Hair Dryer with Turbo Dry Mode(Pink)

Key Features:

  • Speed: the hairdryer has 2-speed selection settings to select the speed required for different hairstyles. You can easily control the speed with just a push of the button and get your desired look.
  • Heat setting: it has 2 heat modes to control the heat as per your styling and design. 
  • Power: the dryer is 1000W, which consumes energy and is best to use at home as it saves your electricity. It helps to dry fast and effortlessly. 
  • Turbo dry mode: It also has a turbo dry method that delivers uniform airflow and helps set tresses and dry locks effectively. 
  • Weight: The hairdryer is lightweight and 355 grams with an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold and operate without help. 
  • Hanging hook: It also has a hanging notch that allows proper hanging of the dryer after using it and saves a lot of space. 
  • Cord length: The cord’s length is 1.8m that allows easy utilization of the dryer without pulling it out of the power socket when you yank it. The tangle-free cable increases the device range so that you can use it comfortably without any interruption in styling or drying your hair.
  • Nozzle: it has a concentrator nozzle to evenly distribute the air and ensure you protect your hair from getting damaged. 
  • Handle: The dryer is foldable and can be carried anywhere due to its compact size and foldable design.
  • Warranty: you get two years of warranty on this product that is suitable enough to get it repaired or exchanged in case of any damage or defect.
  • Volume: Add volumes to the roots and make look hair fuller

What User Say : Pros & Cons

Useful for Thin hair Get heated up fast
Worth the price

HESLEY HAIR DRYER- Best hair dryer under 1000 rupees in terms of Power Capacity

Hesley is a German company and their dryer is one of those hairdryers with a fantastic look and features that customers look for in a hairdryer. With its cool shot button, heat setting, foldable and many more, that makes it the perfect choice.


Key Features:

  • Speed: it has 2 speed settings one low and another high to control the air flow and avoid excess or overheating.
  • Heat setting: Hesley hair dryer has 2 heat settings that helps to control the level of heat in the hair and prevent it from damaging and also help get customised styling easily. 
  • Design: The hair dryer comes in a foldable design that makes it compact enough to carry anywhere while travelling.
  • Power: It has 1400W power that helps provide a salon like performance and dry your hair in very less time. It also helps to close the cuticles and give you frizz free hair.
  • Noise: Hesley hair dryer has a powerful motor that runs at 23000 revolution per minute and makes less noise while using the dryer. 
  • Cord length: The length of the cord is 1.75m that is suitable to use the dryer from a distance and promotes movement while using the dryer for styling. 
  • Weight: The appliance is 660gram and is designed for ease to be used at home.  
  • Cool shot button: the dyer has a cool shot button that doesn’t emit cool hair but normal air and is perfect for styling, making curls and waves.
  • Nozzle: It has a  detachable concentrator for easy cleaning. 
  • Hanging loop: The dryer has a hanging loop that helps to hang the dryer and prevent lots of space. 
  • Warranty: You get 90 days warranty in this product and in case of defect must be sent to Hesley warehouse for repair. 

What User Say : Pros & Cons

Useful for Thick or voluminous hairLess warranty period
Less Noise A bit heavy compared to others

Amazon Basics Compact Hair Dryer- Best hair dryer under 1000 rupees in terms of price and regular use

With All the feedback Amazon receives. It’s easy for a company to launch its own product. To compete in the range of Best hair dryer under 1000 rupees in India Amazon has launched its hair dryer that has an intelligent design that makes them convenient for regular use. It has various features that give the user a hassle-free experience in drying and styling your hair. It is made from high-quality material and comes with a premium finish that will last for a more extended period and keep them looking new.

AmazonBasics 1200W Compact Hair Dryer with Foldable Handle (Purple)

Key Features:

  • Power: The hairdryer is 1200W that helps consume energy, and gives a hassle-free blow-drying experience leaving your hair smooth and shiny.
  • Nozzle: Amazon hair dryer comes with a detachable concentrator that works by focusing an optimum airflow level to the targeted areas to blow dry your hair quickly.
  • Speed: There are two-speed settings, one low and another high, that make drying easy and is ideal for regular use, and is easy to maintain. 
  • Weight: The product is 350g and is lightweight to carry anywhere and everywhere, and suitable for traveling purposes. 
  • Handle: The product comes with a foldable handle that makes it compact enough to store anywhere in the house. It also has a storage hook for hanging and easy storage. 
  • Warranty: You get 1 year of warranty on this appliance and can quickly repair or ask for maintenance in case of any issue after purchasing it. 
  • Colors: This hair dryer comes in three colors blue, white, and pink that are great for people to choose their favorite color. 
  • Hanging loop: It has a hanging loop at the end of the dryer that is easier to turn the dryer after using it and saves a lot of space. 

What User Say : Pros & Cons

Very Economic and worth the price Overheating if used for a prolonged time
Durable for regular use Not suitable for long hair

Nova NHP 8203 Premium Hair Dryer

Nova always introduces hair dryers that are best for regular use. It guarantees style with every use. You can do salon-like styling by just sitting at home. It has EFD plus technology that helps protect the hair from damage by distributing heat evenly in your hair and helps you get soft, glossy hair. It is easy to carry and store with its compact foldable size and design.

Nova NHP 8203 Premium 1400 Watts Hot & Cold Foldable Hair Dryer for Women (Blue)

Key Features:

  • Power: The device is 1400W and helps to dry easily and quickly. If you have medium to thick hair this hair dryer is for you.
  • Weight: The product is 250gram and is lightweight. It is suitable enough to carry from one place to another easily. 
  • Cord length: The cord’s length is 1.2m that is long enough to use the dryer from a distance without any interruption in drying or styling your hair.
  • Heat setting: Nova hairdryer has 3 heat settings. Low heat setting that helps in perfect gently drying and high heat setting for fast drying. 
  • Cool Shot: The dryer has a cool shot button that provides a salon hair styling experience. 
  • Speed: It has a 2-speed setting that easily controls the flow of air and prevents your hairs from damaging and promoting healthy drying and professional styling.  
  • Design: The dryer has a foldable handle so that you can fold it after using it. 
  • Hanging Hook: It helps prevent lots of space as it has a hanging hook that allows for swinging the dryer and promoting easy storage. 
  • Nozzle: The hair dryer comes with a concentrated nozzle that helps distribute the airflow so that your hair dont get damaged because of the heat. 
  • Warranty: You get 1 year of warranty on this product that helps repair it in case of any defect or problem.
  • EHD Technology: The dryer comes with EHD technology for even distribution of heat

What User Say :

Durable and compact Noise
Worth the priceOverheating over prolonged use

FAQ about Best hair dryer under 1000 rupees” in India

What’s the difference between folding and non foldable hair dryer?

This means that the handle to hold the hairdryer can be folded or not. Foldable handles are easy to store and they are a good choice for traveling purposes. Not foldable handles are cannot be folded. However, is it to note that this feature of the hairdryer does not indicate the quality of the dryer.Hair Dryer feature

Philips or Panasonic hair dryer good? Which one should I pick

Both Philips and Panasonic are good brands in India. I would suggest picking the feature each one has to offer within your budget. For example Under the budget of 1000 rupees, Panasonic has a non-foldable lightweight hairdryer with a long cord length. While Philips under the same budget has a cool shot button and foldable dryer with a short length cord.

Is hair dryer safe on low motion?

You will not want to expose your hair to heat for a longer duration of time. There is no harm If you keep the dryer in low motion for short duration but if you keep in low motion for long periods youhair may get heat damage

I hope you by now have picked your hairdryer or at least know which features are more important to you from the list of Best hair dryer under 1000 rupees. Let us know if you have any hair drier which you think should be included in the list.

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