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Have you been looking for the best eyebrows trimmer in India? You are flooded with so many options for choosing hair removal products but the confusions are landing you nowhere? Your search ends here with in-depth information about shaping your eyebrows. It is a fact that a woman is obsessed with eyebrow shaping for centuries.

Women’s love for shaping eyebrows has not changed, but the methods have surely evolved over years from threading to microblading. Bushy and Unshaped eyebrows!. Shaping eyebrows has been so important that there is a whole study for identifying the best shape of eyebrows. But then, women complain of frequent salon visits for this small task. We know you can’t expect everything to fall in place as per your need, but what if you can still take care of some of it?

These trimmers have been winning the hearts of millions of women. If you are given a chance to pick the Best Eyebrow trimmer in India, you might have many questions in your mind before buying, which are apparent. We shall discuss the details of the topic—best eyebrow trimmers in the Indian market. But let us first look at the reasons behind the popularity. :

6 Reasons for using an eyebrow trimmer


This should be first most important reason for starting eyebrow trimming at home. Trimming eyebrow is a task which does not take much time, however for this small task often you have to wait for hours in salon and parlous as they like to cater high ticket customers first rather than eyebrow threading customers. The convenience of getting their eyebrows set right at home and at our own suitable timings is a quite relaxing thing. Now you don’t have to worry about frequent salon visits

Reduced cost: 

You might think each visit to a salon for eyebrows threading does not cost much, then how trimmer is cost saving. Dear reader consider the number of visits you make in a year and now compare the cost of an eyebrow trimmer which you can use for a few years at least. Isn’t that a great deal!

Painless option:

What could be best if you get desired results of eyebrow shape without any pain at all? Most of the women fear going to salon to get their eyebrows done in fear of pain. Here is a solution – Beautiful eyebrows without any pain.

Budget-friendly price. 

The best eyebrows trimmers for ladies in India are very economically priced keeping in mind with the target audience. The product ranges from pocket friendly to premium prices. One thing is for sure for everyone there is a range of trimmers available.

Shape as you like:

Another primary reason for its popularity is that it gives the freedom of shaping the eyebrows according to you instead of the girl threading your eyebrows. Very often we get upset with the wrong eyebrow shaping. Isn’t it. So let’s take control and start shaping your eyebrows.

No skin Issues:

The skin near the eyes is very delicate. According to the Indian Journal of Dermatology, There has been medical research that when parlors don’t use proper towels or threads for eyebrows there are chances of getting side effects, the most common is lesions. When you use a trimmer at home, you know about your hygienic conditions.

A question arises with so many similar products in the market: Which is the best eyebrow trimmer in India? To help you in selecting the product according to your requirements, we bring you some of the best selling eyebrow trimmers in India with a detailed analysis of each one:

10 Tips on “How to choose the best eyebrow trimmer in India”? 

What are the main things you should tick on the checklist of must-haves in an eyebrow machine? Let’s make it easy for you. Here are a few of the pointers:


As Indians, we are quite price-sensitive; hence, choosing anything we buy price is an important factor. The best eyebrow trimmer in India ranges from Rs 200 to Rs 3000+ depending on the brand, features, functionality, and application area. So it is important to know your needs and budget before you make a purchase.


Good blades in a trimmer make your efforts easy. There are three kinds of blades available in the market namely platinum, stainless steel, and Titanium. Though people like titanium blades as it heard to be giving a most smoother finish, there is no scientific evidence. The most common one is stainless steel. Irrespective of the material smoothness of trimming is also dependent on the sharpness and closeness of the blades to each other. If you have sensitive skin look out for Hypoallergenic blades.

The Design:

Eyebrow devices for removing hair should not be just about looks, but the design should also solve some purpose. It should be easy to hold and ergonomic in nature. Some of the advanced trimmers have a pivoting head that helps follow the contour of the face for easy trimming. Also, most of the trimmers available in the market have a sleek design for easy carrying.


If you are investing good money, a trimmer should solve more than one task, and it should not be just meant for eyebrows. There are products in the market that are versatile; why purchase different trimmers when one good trimmer can take care of all facial hair.

Electric Or Manual:

Electric trimmer are more popular because it requires less effort from your end to get your eyebrows done at a very short span of time. The drawback of electric trimmer is that it requires maintenance for longevity. On the other hand manual trimmers are maintenance free but will require more effort from your end and it will be a task as it will take some time for eyebrow trimming

Wet Or Dry:

Don’t we all need a touch-up on our eyebrows in our restrooms? Isn’t it is best to get your eyebrow trimmed after or before shower? If you are someone who loves this idea opt for a trimmer which can be operational in wet and humid conditions else there are a dry option available as well.


Accessories and extensions are very important features. The more accessories and attachments you have the more you can take advantage of the trimming experience. different combs, protection caps, etc. help a lot for trimming your eyebrows easily.


If you are like me who does not have time to clean the trimmer post usage. You can opt for one which has detachable heads that can be easily put under running water. Maintaining your trimmers will increase the durability of the product

Battery operated or Rechargeable:

One you should also look at this aspect while purchasing the eyebrow device. Battery operated trimmer will start as you put the battery on but require frequent changes as the battery dies. You should also keep in mind battery leakage if left in the machine. On the other hand, Rechargeable will not have these worries, but every time you have to recharge the device to use it.


Since trimmer is delicate in nature, most local and inexpensive brands do not give any warranty. But you will find few reputed brands giving warranty for 1-2 years on manufacturing defects. So if you plan to use trimmers for many years, opt for the latter.

Best eyebrow trimmer in India available within price Rs 1000

Flawless portable Eyebrow trimmer for women.

The most searched eyebrow trimmer in India is this brand because of its low pricing. It carries out precision trimming every time you use it to trim the eyebrows. Placing the product at an economical price makes it one of the best eyebrow trimmer pens in India. Though the product does not have enough features it is one of the most searched and sold on online marketplaces. If you are someone who wants to try out if trimmers are for you or not then go ahead with this as a beginner.



The stainless steel blades present for precision don’t cause any pull, red, or irritation, which has proven to be a blessing for the ladies.

Led light:

When the product talks about precision, it makes sure that it takes care of all aspects. The LED light provides the user clarity for even the smallest of the hair and assures safety.


Women have a habit of carrying a set of unique things in their handbags, and with a size as small as that of an average size lipstick, it has become effortless for women to carry it along and use it anytime, anywhere.


It comes with one lithium-ion battery and a USB cable used to charge the battery. The product ensures anti-allergic treatment with the gold plated head.

Application area:

The trimmer can be used on upper lip, chin, and cheeks apart from eyebrows

Pros & Cons:

Lightweight and portable. It does not pull the hair from the roots
Comes with rechargeable lithium batteryDurability
The LED light provides extra clarity to take the hair off.

Sensualmax Painless Eyebrow Trimmer Machine for Women

With the advancements in technology and designing, the convenience of getting unwanted body hair trimmed at home is one of the biggest blessings for the entire women’s clan. Sensual max painless face hair remover is one such product that has been considered one of the best eyebrow trimmers in the Indian market if you are starting as a beginner for trimming your eyebrow hair. This product is very economical and pocket friendly to try out trimming. The product is from company finishing touch We shall discuss it’s more features below:



This is a pen painless trimmer which comes in gold rose colour. The blades are of stainless steel which has a trimming range of 0.25mm to 4mm length of hair

Area of application:

Sensualmax can remove hair from the upper lip, chin, and eyebrows making it a good facial trimmer

Travel friendly:

The product is really light and only weighs 510 gms. It can easily fit in your handbag with small dimension of 13cm x 11cm x 8 cm; making it a product you can use every day and on the go

Battery Operated:

The device runs on a battery, and you don’t have any hassle of charging or downtime. The initial set of the battery comes along with the package.

Suitable for all:

The product claims not to cause any skin irritation, burns, cuts, or scars

Pros & Cons:

A battery-operated device that does not require chargingThe trimmer does not work on other parts of the body except the face
Compact design making it useful for traveling purposesNot suitable for coarse hair growth.
Economic and affordable pricingThe battery drains rapidly, lasts for not more than 25 minutes at a stretch

OWME 4 in 1 Attachment Trimmer for Women  

It would help if you had no more hiding, no more embarrassments. The product lets you get rid of almost all the hair from the entire body. So, don’t even get a second thought come to your mind. Get the confidence of being yourself with this product.



Trimmer blades are hypoallergenic material, ensuring no allergic reactions or cuts while you remove your hair

Area of application:

This hair removal machine works on peach fuzz. nose, eyebrows, upper lip, and chin


It comes with 4 different attachments for different body parts. it also acts like a shaver making it an all one trimmer.

Easy to maintain:

Washable and easy to clean head makes its maintenance easy and hassle-free


The one-button design adds not to the ease of its use but makes it popular among men and women of all age groups, making it a versatile trimmer

Its compact design makes it easy to carry it in a handbag or even purse.

Pros & Cons:

It comes with a USB port and rechargeable batteries, so no more worrying about replacing batteries.Return of products not provided by the seller
The machine is versatile for trimming hair from the entire body.Some users complain about product quality

Lifelong LLPCW30 Rechargeable Eyebrow, Underarms and Bikini Trimmer (White)

Lifelong is an Indian company that started in recent years. The company has come up with its trimmers to give competition to international brands at competitive prices. It is one of the bestsellers on Amazon and selling like hot cake making it the best eyebrow trimmer in India online



It is a versatile trimmer that acts as a facial trimmer and helps eliminate unwanted hair from the bikini area, underarms, and other sensitive areas as well.

Attachments / Accessories:

The device comes with 3 attachments Bikini attachment, shaver attachment, and eyebrow attachment.

The eyebrow device has two combs, which help trim the hair up to 2mm and 4 mm. The combs are washable for hygienic purposes and reuse

Wet & dry:

The machine is waterproof, and you can use it in the shower for convenience.

Cordless Operation:

It is rechargeable and takes 5 hours to charge fully, and can run for 45 mins continuously. Lifelong is a cordless device and comes with an ergonomic design that makes it easy to carry.

Suitable for all Skin type:

The trimmer does not irritate your skin and is suitable for all.

Pros & Cons:

You can use the multi-purpose trimmer for facial, bikini, and other sensitive areasSome users complain about after-sales service
No hassle of purchasing batteries as it is rechargeable
Manufacturer Warranty for one year

Best eyebrow trimmer in India available within price Rs 1500

Syska SensoSafe FT2309 Eyebrow Trimmer

Beauty has always been about feeling good both inside and out. A Woman’s body is as delicate as a flower, and preserving its beauty needs a lot of effort. But with the advancement in technology and innovative inventions, things are getting more comfortable. One of them is Syska FT2309, which is perfect to use to trim the hair from the delicate parts. Here are some of its features that have been making it a choice of millions of women throughout India:



The device comes not only for eyebrows but also can be used all over the face. The bikini trimmer is the cherry on the cake making it a very versatile machine


This trimmer is battery operated and requires 2 “AAA” battery to run. This means it is cordless in operation.

Easy Maintenance:

Easy to clean and maintain. It not only also comes with a cleaning brush but also has detachable heads which can be placed under running tp water for quick cleaning

Accessories & Attachments:

The machine comes with Eyebrow and Facial Trimmer Attachment, Bikini Trimmer Attachment, for different body parts

3 Guide Combs for different length settings.Protective cap, cleaning brush, and a traveling pouch

Dry Usage:

The product is meant to be for dry usage and cant be used in shower.

Travel Friendly:

The product is also a beautiful companion that fits in a pouch that comes along, and due to its small design and lightweight, you will hardly notice something in your bag while traveling.


The device comes with a 2-year warranty on manufacturing defect

Pros & Cons:

It comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty.The device requires 2xAAA batteries, which do not come with the package.
No hassle of charging

White VEGA Silk Touch Trimmer (VHBT-01)

Get the brows you’ve always wanted with the VEGA Silk Touch Trimmer. A grooming essential, this trimmer is ideal for shaping, grooming, and setting your brows perfectly.

Veet Silk Touch - Best Eyebrow Trimmer


Application Area :

The machine can be used for removing hair on eyebrows, chin, upper lips, cheek and sidelocks, and other sensitive areas like underarms and bikini area, making this product very versatile.


Like most trimmers in the market, it is made up of Stainless Steel Blades with a trimming range of 0.5 – 12 mm

Accessories :

Vega trimmer has 7 attachments in the pack, including a Trimming head for bikini, 2-Sided precision Trimming head for large and small spaces. 2 Comb attachments for precision cuts, Cleaning brush for keeping the machine hygienic after use. Styler cap for protection of stainless steel blade and Beauty Pouch for storage

Suitable for all:

As mentioned earlier, it is suitable for all skin, including sensitive skin.

Cordless Operation:

The machine is battery operated and requires 1X( AA Type) lithium battery which has a continuous run time of 250 mins


The product comes with 2 year manufacturer warranty

Pros & Cons:

Comes with 2 years manufacturer warrantyBattery not included in the pack
Suitable for all skin typesRun time 45 mins on battery
All in one grooming solution for all sensitive area of the bodyEyebrow shaping will require a bit of practice

Philips Touch-up HP6388 Eyebrows, Facial trimmer

Philips, as a brand, does not need any introduction. They come up with new products driven by new technology to empower our lives and looks, and this trimmer is one of them.

Philips Eyebrow Trimmer - Best Eyebrow Trimmer In India available online


Trimmer head:

Philips Touch-up eyebrow trimmer has a 1/3″ trimming head, which helps in faster removal of hair

Combs Attachment:

The trimmer comes with 2 eyebrow length settings, 2mm and 4mm, which helps you trim your eyebrows to get the consistent result you want with a bare change of extension.

Style and Design:

This Philips Touch-up HP6388 pen comes is a sleek design that can fit in your purse. The ceramic pearl white colour makes it very stylish for your kind of modern woman. The blades of the trimmer are of stainless steel so that the trimmer last longer.

Battery operated:

This electronic device is cordless and requires a 1 x AAA battery. The battery comes in the package to get you initially started after purchasing the Philips Touch-up HP6388 pen.

Trimmer hygiene & longevity

To keep the Philips Touch-up HP6388 pen trimmer hygienic and neat, the package includes a cleaning brush to be used after each session.

Area of application

The device can get rid of all your facial hair including eyebrows, upper lip, chin cheeks, and sideburns

Pros & Cons:

Comes with 2-year service warrantySmall life of the battery which comes with the package
AAA battery included along with the packRequires a bit of practice to remove thick coarse hair

Best eyebrow trimmer in India available within price Rs 2000

Veet Sensitive Touch expert trimmer for face, Underarms, and Bikini line

The Veet Sensitive trimmer is designed to get rid of unwanted hair in the most comfortable way possible. Not only this trimmer is easy to use, but also because of its budget-friendly price and world-class features, it is considered one of the Best electric eyebrow trimmers in India,

Veet Eyebrow Trimmer - Best Eyebrow Trimmer In India



This device comes with 6 attachments, 2 sided head for eyebrow shaping,2 combs attachment for eyebrow length adjustment. One bikini attachment which can also be used on underarms. 2 comb length setting for bikini hair or underarm hair.

Travel friendly:

A small sized trimmer that fits in a small bag is comfortable carrying and making it useful for quick touch-ups anywhere.


The blades are of stainless steel material coated with titanium which makes it safe for sensitive skin.


The best feature of this product is that it is a waterproof product which means that the product can be used in humid conditions. However, as per the instruction manual, you should use the product only on dry skin.

Cordless Use:

The machine is battery operated and requires a AA battery to run which comes along the pack for immediate use


The device comes with cleaning brush to be used after every use . The detachable heads can be rinsed under running water .

The device is waterproof so that you can use it even during the shower.The device trims the hair from the skin’s surface, so you can expect hair growth fast
It is ideal for quick touch-ups.No Warranty period given
Different attachments make it a perfect trimmer for almost all hair on the body.

Touchbeauty Wet & Dry Electric Hair Remover Trimmer

Want quick on the go eyebrow trimming which safe and yet effective? Then look no longer and zero your decision on TOUCHBeauty Wet and Dry electric hair Trimmer perfectly adapts and shapes your eyebrows. Let’s look at the features in detail.



The trimmer is versatile as it not only shapes and trim your eyebrows but hard to reach areas like the armpit and some bikini area.


The round blade design keeps an anti-scratch distance between blade and skin.TOUCHBeauty Wet and Dry electric hair Trimmer also boasts of a hypoallergenic precision blade, making it a safer and painless option for all kinds of skin types. This electric eyebrow trimmer comes with durable and intense stainless steel blades, which give easy hair trim without pain or pinching.

This electric trimmer comes with a dual-sided blade—a full-size trimmer covering a larger area and a small detail trimmer for precise eyebrow shaping.


You can use the device on both wet and dry skin safely and effectively.

Battery Operated

This electric trimmer is easy to use and starts once you push the switch after inserting the 1 ‘AAA’ battery. The battery is not included in the pack.


Touchbeauty Electric trimmer is simple to utilize, and cleaning is a breeze with the brush that comes in the package.

Easy to travel

Pen Shaped Electric trimmer is very light and compact to use in the home or run as the machine is battery operated. It easily fits in your bag.

Area of application

The trimmer takes care of your facial hair, underarms and acts like a bikini trimmer as well

Pros & Cons:

Compact design and safetyAAA batteries not included in the pack
This eyebrow trimmer in India comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of manufacturing by the seller on amazon.Few users complain about the durability of the product.

Panasonic ES-WF61 Eyebrow Shaper

Panasonic’s new ES-WF61 Eyebrow Shaper is the latest addition to their lineup of personal groomers. Panasonic is a Japanese company known for its consumer electronics. Looking for a facial trimmer that smoothly glides and gently follows the shape of your face, then starts considering the Panasonic ESWF61 facial trimmer.


Pivoting head:

The main unique feature is the trimming head, which can pivot 10 degrees left and right; thus, it can easily follow your face’s outline and makes it easy to reach unreachable areas.


The blades are washable and micro-thin approx 0.12mm in size. They are made up of stainless steel with a rounded tip to give you a flawless shave without irritating the skin. This machine can also be operated with makeup on.

Cordless Operation:

The machine runs on battery ( 1x AAA ), making it a cordless device.


It comes with three attachments, 2mm, 4mm, and 6 mm, for precise eyebrow trimming, respectively which beats the competition in this regard. To keep your eyes safe while trimming, it also comes up with a precision cap and cleaning brush.

Light & compact

To compete with every other best trimmer available in India, it is also very light in weight and comes with a cleaning brush.

Area of application:

Eyebrow and other facial hair removal like upper lip , sideburns etc.


Comes with 2 year manufacturing defect warranty

Moving head attachment for easy trimmingWet and dry operation not available.
3 size comb attachments for eyebrow shapingBattery not included in the pack

Wahl Pure Confidence Grooming Trimmer for Women 

If you are looking for a multifunctional product within this price range then this the product you should opt for. The company Wahl came up with a head to toe personal grooming kit. This kit helps you to take care of unwanted hair in your most sensitive areas like bikini line, facial hair as well as it also shapes your eyebrows. Features of this multifunctional product are:



This trimmer comes with an ergonomic design handle which makes it easy to hold. It is convenient to grab for long duration hair removal. You need not to apply too much pressure as it fits completely in your wrist. 

Area of application:

The trimmer can be used for removing hair from the various body parts. It can remove hair from eyebrows, chin, upper lips, bikini area, underarms and all other sensitive areas. It provides a close, gentle shave every time you use it.


For a long lasting smooth trimming experience it comes with skin friendly stainless steel. After using this trimmer you will feel clean and confident.  

Battery Operated: 

The machine is gentle enough for daily use and removes hair effectively and fast. The device is waterproof and battery operated. The battery is rechargeable and can run for more than one hour.  


The components with this device are one trimmer, one chargeable transformer, one attachment, 2 guide comb, one cleaning brush, one 5ml oil and one user manual.  


The multifunctional machine comes with various heads according to different body parts requirements.

  • Precision trimming head  helps in providing results quickly and easily. 
  • Close finish shaver head enables you to have silky smooth underarms and bikini areas. This head is a revolving head ( rotary shaver head)  removes extra hairs from your face, chin, neck, upper lips and other areas. 
  • Precision detail trimmer is great for eyebrow and facial hair trimmer. 
  • Length setting guides included for even cutting  lengths and for various cuttings. 

All the heads are detachable, easy to install and uninstall gives you multiple choices to deal with different hair of your body part.  

Pros & Cons:

You can use the multi-purpose trimmer for facial, bikini, and other sensitive areasDon’t have a power light or charging light indicator makes it difficult to know how long it has to be charged

Best eyebrow trimmer in India available within price Rs 3500

Remington Smooth Silky Compact Premium Precision Trimmer

Remington is the brand you trust with your personal care routine. For more than 80 years, they have created electric tools which help in elevating your day-to-day problems. Remington came up with its eyebrow trimmer, which will trim your unwanted hair without stepping out of your home. Being one of the best eyebrow trimmer brands in India, the product has shown its worth yet again. We shall discuss its features in brief:



The design of this product is unique as it has lipstick design, slim handle. The product is twistable. on/off of the product depends upon its twist. The detail trimmer head ensures thorough and precise trimming experience. Remington’s slim handle and lipstick design helps in quick touch ups. And it also contains a clip-on length guide that makes shaping easy and gives perfect eyebrows.   

Area of application:

This trimmer can remove all your facial hair such as upper lips, chin, forehead, eyebrows effortlessly. 

Travel friendly

The product is designed specially for the travelling purpose. The product is quite light and weighs only  58.97 grams. It can easily fit in your handbags as its dimensions are 2.54 x 2.54 x 8.89 cm. Now you need not to worry about bushy hair on your traveling days.  

Battery Operated: 

Now you need not to rely on the power outlet as the Remington’s eyebrow trimmer is battery operated. Charge it once and use it for numerous times. Take it and use it anywhere without worrying about electric plugs. 

Skin reaction:

The product will give your eyebrows the accurate shape without causing any harm like rashes, irritation to your skin. 

Pros & Cons:

Lipstick design makes it compact and easy to carry anywhere. Thicker and stiffer hair are difficult to remove.
For removing tiny hairs you need to spend a good couple of minutes. 
Battery- operated device can be used anywhereIt does not come with a warranty in India.

Liberex Women’s Eyebrow Precision Trimmer  

Painless and precise trimming of unwanted body hair is what every woman looks for, and what if you could do it with a minimum spend and at the convenience of home. Here is something similar to every woman’s expectation.


Application area

The trimmer works all over the face. It can trim your hair from the chin, upper lip, cheeks, forehead, eyebrows, and nape.


It comes in shining red color.The machine is ergonomically designed, making sure it does not put extra effort into the palms or wrist as its head can rotate at an angle of 30 degrees.


Blades are of stainless steel, which is proven to be hypoallergenic to the skin, making sure you don’t encounter any allergy post-use

Its new technology ensures no direct contact of the skin with the blades hence no chances of cuts or irritation. It is one of the best eyebrow trimmers available in India.

Battery Operated

The machine is cordless and runs on “AAA” batteries, which is included in the package.

The device is cordless, so it is easy to use. No storage bag provided; hence, you have arrange for a storage kit yourself
Easy cleaning and maintenance are possible.The eyebrow trimmer does not come with a warranty in India

Guide on How to use an Eyebrow Trimmer

I hope by now you have chosen an eyebrow trimmer for your self. I have written a general guide on using an eyebrow trimmer to let you know that its not a rocket science and One can easily do it at home.

How to use an Eyebrow Trimmer

  1. Preparation is the key. 

    Preparation is the step that can make or break your eyebrow trimming process. It is suggested that you should remove your makeup if any. Rest your brows under warm water or damp cloth for a few minutes. This will soften your hair and open the pores for easy hair removal. You can also apply a thin layer of lotion near your brow area as the brow area is the most sensitive on your face. Remember to go slow and gently at this part. 

  2. Plan your Eyebrow Shape beforehand

    It is crucial to think about the shape before you began the trimming process. To maintain the natural look of your face. There are so many tools available in the market One of the most useful tips is to use a pencil or a stencil for shaping your ideal eyebrow shape. Now use this outline as a guide to removing the surplus hair. 

  3. Start Trimming

    Every trimmer is not the same, and hence reading manual instruction is suggested. However, generally, your trimmer will have two sides, one larger side and one smaller side. Start by removing extra hair from the upper side of the brow from the larger side. Now move to the underside of the brow and change the side from a larger end to a smaller end. Start removing hair from the highest point of the arch initially. Calm down and don’t apply too much pressure. Keep movements small and soft, especially when you are a beginner.
    After using a trimmer to remove unwanted hair from the outer line and the area between the eyebrows. Now attach the comb available with the trimmer and use it to trim the hair’s main body. Avoid going too short. Choose the setting slightly longer than desired. 

  4. Pamper your eyebrows

    When you achieve the desired shape and results then gently rinse your face with normal water. Now give your perfect eyebrows the treat of cooling and soothing gel. It will help in calming the skin and also closes the pores. Massage it gently so that gel penetrates properly in your pores. 

Frequently Asked Questions about “Best eyebrow Trimmer In India”.

Is eyebrow Trimmer Safe for the eyes?

Yes, an eyebrow trimmer does not shave your hair but trims it; hence it is not in contact with your skin directly, and it is safe to use if you follow the instructions provided with the machine. If you are still worried, buy the eyebrow trimmer with the protection cap.

Do we have to charge the eyebrow trimmer?

Most eyebrow trimmers are battery-operated, which does not require charging; however, some are rechargeable eyebrow trimmers as well, and it would require a charge before use. The instruction guide with the trimmer would indicate the charge time and the eyebrow trimmer’s run time.

 Which eyebrow trimmer also removes facial hair ?

Most of the known brands have that versatility, multi-purpose, and operate on all facial hair, upper lip, sideburns, bikini hair, and underarms hair apart from eyebrow trimming. We have given the list above. Go ahead with the one that suits your budget and needs.

Should we remove the battery from the eyebrow trimmer when not in use?

Absolutely if you are not using the machine frequently, it is advisable to remove the battery and prevent battery leakage, damaging the device.

Is eyebrow trimmer safe to use regularly?

Since these are trimmer and just cuts the hair instead of pulling, there are chances of rapid growth within 7 to 10 days leading to more frequent uses. Many women use it regularly without any severe complaints.


We have covered The best eyebrow trimmer price in India to make your decision easy. The hair on the various parts of our body is natural, but getting rid of it is a choice. Trimmers provide an easy and efficient way to take care of unwanted body hair at the convenience of your home. Not only does it reduce the expenses, but they prove to be a time saver too. The article contains various eyebrow trimmers available. We have tried to discuss the detailed features, advantages, and disadvantages that will make it easy for you to select an accurate product.

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