About me

Hello All,

 I am Luxmi, your Aunty next door 😉

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Yes I qualify to be called as an ” aunt” because I am approaching my 40’s and have started taking health seriously.Oh yes! I love to give free advice on hair care, hair trends, hair products and hair accessories which you can expect from this blog.


Thanks to my mother and genes that I am blessed with beautiful hair which did require a bit of maintenance but caught me lot of appreciation and head turns.

As I age I will start losing some of my hair and it is wise to accept it with grace .This thought made me realize how heartbreaking it is for young girls to feel the same and hence I am trying to build a community for hair care and hair fashion.

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Come join me in a journey where we can build love for ourselves and get rid of “Bad Hair days”

You can see my professional profile here : https://in.linkedin.com/in/luxmiverma

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